Friday, December 12, 2014

Antique Revelry Brass and Cast Iron Floor Registers: Home Improvement That's Right On Time

Officially, winter doesn't arrive for another week or so but for many of us it seems like winter is already here.  Autumn passed without giving us much of an opportunity to prepare for winter.  Better late than never.  That is what frequently late people like to say.  Better late than never.

Celtic Cross Cast Iron Floor Register (left) and Celtic Cross Oil Rubbed Bronze Floor Register (right)

If you missed the opportunity to prepare your home for winter, Shop 4 Classics has good news for you.  We just introduced a new line of cast iron floor registers and brass floor registers from Antique Revelry.  The Antique Revelry floor registers are offered in four stylish designs and three popular color options.  They range from vintage cast iron heat registers like the Celtic Cross, Heritage, or Victorian designs to modern brass heat registers like the Linear design.  The cast iron floor registers are offered in traditional matte black finish.  The brass heat registers are offered as either brushed nickel floor registers or oil rubbed bronze floor registers.  These new heat registers are available in the nine most common sizes in residential heating and cooling systems.  All of these floor heat registers include a multi-louver damper to control air flow.

Heritage Brushed Nickel Floor Register (left) and Heritage Cast Iron Floor Register (right) 

Rather than spend the next few months looking at your old heat registers and thinking to yourself, "is it cold in here?", why not replace them with a stylish new Antique Revelry heat register and think, "it's kind of cold in here but that new heat register looks awesome!"

Linear Cast Iron Floor Register (left) and Linear Brushed Nickel Floor Register (right)

As always, Shop 4 Classics provides free shipping for orders over $100.00.  Save an additional 5% on Antique Revelry register orders of $500.00 or more with the HARDWARE5 coupon or save an additional 10% on Antique Revelry heat register orders of $1,000.00 or more with the HARDWARE10 coupon.  Visit Shop 4 Classics today for Antique Revelry heat registers.  It's never too late.

Victorian Vine Oil Rubbed Bronze Floor Register (left) and Victorian Vine Cast Iron Floor Register (right)


  1. Just received my Celtic Cross Cast Iron Floor Registers and love them, wondering if I could order a larger 10x30 floor air return in the same design, and what the price would be?

    1. We are happy to hear that you are pleased with your cast iron floor register. The Celtic Cross style vent cover is only offered as registers (with dampers), however, Shop 4 Classics does offer many, many great air return grilles in a variety of sizes and styles. Visit the Air Return Vent Covers section of our website for our complete collection: