Friday, June 27, 2014

Whimsical Gargoyle Doorbell: Guaranteed to Transform Your Home into a Castle

Gargoyle Doorbell Button
Your home is your castle and every castle worth its stones must have at least one gargoyle. Mission Metalworks new gargoyle doorbell button is now available to turn your home into a castle. The whimsical gargoyle that sits atop this doorbell button is an instant conversation piece with those visitors brave enough to push his button. This gargoyle on this doorbell can trace its origins to ancient stone sculptures of lions and mythical creatures that accented roof spouts used to send guttered rainwater away from the sides building.  The introduction of modern downspouts replaced roof spouts but not before the idea of the gargoyle character as an architectural ornamentation had taken upon a life of its own.  Technically purely ornamentation gargoyle accents, those not serving as water spouts, are called “grotesques”.  However, I think most would agree that it does not seem fitting to refer to this doorbell’s friendly, albeit out of shape, gargoyle character as being grotesque.  The gargoyle on this doorbell button is clearly of the family of humoresque gargoyles like the famous gargoyles that adorn educational buildings of Princeton University.  

Mission Metalworks Gargoyle Doorbell’s backplate is made of minimum 95% recycled, solid copper that is cast and hand-finished in the USA.   A brass bell button that connects to two-wire doorbell electrical systems is included.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nostalgic Warehouse’s New Craftsman Series puts the Arts and Crafts in Interior Door Hardware

Craftsman Doorplate
with Black Porcelain Knob
Craftsman Doorplate
with Craftsman Knob
Nostalgic Warehouse new Craftsman series of interior door plate and knob sets feature distinctive Arts and Crafts period designs and the quality construction that Nostalgic Warehouse is known for.   The Craftsman series door plate includes faux hammered textures and classic Arts and Crafts Quatrefoil cutouts.  Nostalgic Warehouse pairs their Craftsman door plate with a new Craftsman door knob, which also features a faux hammered texture, or with their vintage black porcelain door knob.  Both the Craftsman door plate and knob are available in antique brass, satin nickel, antique pewter, and oil rubbed bronze.   Craftsman door knob sets are available in dummy, latch and mortise lock functions.   Latch sets are rated Grade 2 which indicates the hardware exceeds residential building requirements by exceeding 250,000 cycles under normal operating conditions.

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