Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bracing A Shower Curtain Ring To An Angled Ceiling: Vaulted Ceiling Solutions

Shower curtain rings usually have at least one ceiling support brace.  Depending on the shower enclosure, the brace either clamps onto the ring or threads into a tee on the ring.  At the other end of the brace is an escutcheon (flange) that is screwed to the ceiling to stabilize the shower curtain ring.  That’s all well and good unless your ceiling happens to be angled.  Vaulted ceilings introduce a problem when installing the ceiling brace's escutcheon.  If the ceiling is sloped, obviously the escutcheon will also be at an angle when it is attached to the ceiling.  Ideally, the ceiling support should be plumb (vertically straight up and down) but if the escutcheon is at an angle, the support brace will also be at an angle.  Even if you are able to attach the brace to the shower curtain ring (and that’s a big if), it won't provide much stability at awkward angles.  A brace that doesn't provide support isn't much of a brace at all.

Sign of the Crab Angled Ceiling Brace Adapter

Always the innovator, Sign of the Crab introduced angled ceiling brace adapters a few years ago.  The adapters install between the ceiling escutcheon and the brace bar to function as a joint that adjusts to the angle of your vaulted ceiling.  This allows the escutcheon to be at an angle but ensures that the support brace is vertical.
Installation of the angled ceiling brace adapter is a snap.  The ceiling brace escutcheon is installed on the sloped ceiling with screws just as it would be installed on a flat ceiling.  One end of the adapter is inserted into the escutcheon and secured with set screws.  The brace bar is installed into the opposite end of the adapter and secured with set screws.  When installation is complete, the angled ceiling brace adapter is simply an inconspicuous coupling between the brace escutcheon and the brace bar.
Shower enclosure ceiling braces are not universal.  Sign of the Crab currently offers 1" diameter braces for their 1" diameter shower curtain rods and 1/2" diameter braces for their 3/4" diameter clawfoot tub shower curtain rings.  Because they offer two different sized braces, they offer an angled ceiling brace adapter for 1/2" diameter shower enclosure braces and an angled ceiling brace adapter for 1" diameter shower enclosure braces
Elizabethan Classics took a slightly different approach to solving the vaulted ceiling problem.  They integrated the adapter into the escutcheon to create a vaulted ceiling angle bracket.  The vaulted ceiling angle bracket replaces the escutcheon that is included with Elizabethan Classics clawfoot tub shower enclosures.

Elizabethan Classics
Vaulted Ceiling Angle Bracket

Sunrise Specialty hasn't yet addressed the vaulted ceiling dilemma but Sunrise Specialty oval shower curtain rings don't utilize tees.  The braces simply clamp to the shower curtain ring.  They can be installed anywhere along the perimeter of their oval shower surrounds.  If the ceiling is sloped at one end, the braces can be rotated to the opposite end where the ceiling is flat.  Other solutions include placing a wedge on the sloped ceiling to provide a flat base for securing ceiling supports.
Looking for more on this subject?  See "Shower Enclosure Support Braces: A Thrilling Look At Shower Curtain Ring & Rod Support" or "Shower Curtain Ring & Shower Curtain Rod Roundup" for more information about shower enclosures and shower curtain ring support braces.

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