Monday, April 14, 2014

Decorative Garage Door Hardware Kits: Add Real Curb Appeal with Faux Carriage Door Strap Hinges and Pulls

Many wanting to add to their home’s curb appeal rightfully focus much of their remodeling
Clover Decorative Garage Door Hardware Kit
efforts on their home’s prominent, yet terrible bland, builder’s grade two-car garage door.  Their object is to maintain the modern functionality of their existing garage door while transforming its utilitarian appearance to one that actually adds to the attractiveness of the home’s façade by making it resemble charmingly-attractive carriage doors of the past.  Often this make-over is accomplished by completely replacing the existing garage door with a specially designed carriage-style garage door; however, in some cases the existing garage door can be saved and merely dressed-up.   In either case, decorative / faux carriage style garage door hardware is added to complete the look.
  Decorative garage door hardware consists of decorative strap hinges and door pulls that help create the appearance that each garage door resembles two doors that open outward.   The vast majority of fake carriage door hardware on
Craftsman Decorative Garage Door Hardware Kit
the market today features a spade design.  Garage door make-overs using spade style faux carriage door hardware will add a lot of charm; however, there is also a good chance that your new carriage style doors may not be unique as your neighbors’ garage doors may sport similar spade-themed hardware.  Spade decorative garage door hardware may also not necessarily fit the style of your home.   Spade style carriage door hardware is so common that those looking for something other than spade style hardware may have to search for a while and could end up paying more than planned for a unique style that also compliments the style of their home.

A few hardware manufacturers of the early 20th century produced a variety of truly unique decorative faux strap hinges and accompanying door pulls.   Their designs often featured Arts & Crafts and rustic themes.   Antique Revelry has just introduced three sets of faux
Tulip Decorative Garage Door Hardware Kit
carriage door hardware inspired by hardware from these manufacturers.   Their Clover faux garage door hardware features an old world design with decorative three leafed clover shapes on the dummy strap hinges and door pulls.  The Craftsman faux garage door hardware is truly unique with it distinctive Arts and Crafts design complimented by faux pyramid nail heads and decorative faux hammered textures.  Finally, Antique Revelry’s Tulip faux garage door hardware represents an Arts and Crafts take on the popular spade design.   Like the Craftsman carriage door hardware, the Tulip decorative strap hinges includes faux hammered textures and faux pyramid nail heads.   The Tulip door pull shares the same heart-shaped ornamentation as the sets dummy strap hinges.   All three sets are available in powder-coat black aluminum and genuine solid bronze with a rich brown patina.  Antique Revelry’s decorative garage door hardware is complimentary of many home designs including Arts and Craft bungalows, Tudor style homes, modern traditional homes, and rustic style homes.

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