Friday, February 28, 2014

Decorative Cabinet Knobs, Pulls, Latches, Hinges and More for Your Winter DIY Project

This year’s winter weather has been enough to give many do-it-yourselfers a severe case of cabin fever.    Woodworking projects offer a great way for the do-it-yourselfer to exercise his skills as well as creativity.   Any woodworking project starts with an idea and with and the internet is full of them.  A search for woodworking plans will provide step-by-step instructions for a wide array of projects.   Speaking from experience, key to selecting a successful and rewarding woodworking project depends upon objectively matching project requirements to one’s skill level, available tools, and time commitment. 

Decorative Corner Guard
Drop Pull
Adding cabinet hardware to woodworking projects is often one of the final steps towards its completion.  Thoughtfully selected cabinet hardware will not only add to the functionality of the project but also add character in the form of a stylish accent.   Shop 4 Classics offers unique collections of cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, latches, hinges, and corner guards.  Cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls serve the same basic function but come in hundreds of styles, finishes, sizes, and shapes which make it difficult choice but one that is based upon one’s personal style preferences.  Selecting cabinet latches requires more thought as latches are available in a variety of configurations designed specific latch placement and mounting requirements.   Similar care must be taken when selecting cabinet hinges.   Cabinet hinges are offered in numerous sizes and in mortise and non-mortise designs.  Here again, it is important to understand your project’s requirements as the first step in the selection process.  Corner guards are metal covers that are attached to corners of woodworking projects of all types.  Corner guards are designed to protect the corners from being damaged, but they are also decorative.    Although corner guards are traditionally used on wooden trunks or chests, we have found that creative do-it-yourselfers are using our decorative corner guards in all sorts of unique ways.   Coordinating the look of all the pieces of hardware
needed to complete your project is always wise prior to any purchase decision.

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