Friday, January 24, 2014

New Reggio Register Oil Rubbed Bronze Air Return Grilles: Not Another Bad Beiber Story

Justin Beiber is in trouble again.  That theme is nearly has repetitive as his music.  Let us instead focus on something new and refreshing.  Reggio Register Company recently added oil rubbed bronze to the color choices for its aluminum air return grilles.  And baby, baby, baby, whoa you are going to love this new color.  It is a deep dark chocolate brown powder coat finish.  Unlike Justin Beiber's legacy, the Reggio Register durable oil rubbed bronze baked-on powder coat finish is designed to last a lifetime.

Reggio Register Oil Rubbed Bronze
Scroll Design Air Return Grille

Reggio Register air return grilles are individually cast and hand finished.  The aluminum vent covers are lightweight but sturdy enough to endure through generations of homeowners.  Aluminum air return grilles will never rust.  Reggio Register aluminum air return grilles are a perfect choice when weight or moisture is a concern but they represent terrific value regardless of location.  That is good news whether you are a troubled pop star or not.

Reggio Register Oil Rubbed Bronze
Square Design Air Return Grille

Long before there was a Justin Beiber, Reggio Register Company was producing the finest grilles and registers available in America.  The new oil rubbed bronze finish is available on the most popular sizes of both the Scroll design aluminum air return grilles and Square design aluminum air return grilles.

Because of the proven quality of their workmanship, Shop 4 Classics is proud to offer the complete Reggio Register catalog of decorative vent covers.  As always, Shop 4 Classics provides free shipping for orders over $100.00.  Save an additional 5% on Reggio Register orders of $500.00 or more with the HARDWARE5 coupon or save an additional 10% on Reggio Register orders of $1,000.00 or more with the HARDWARE10 coupon.  Let Shop 4 Classics and Reggio Register make a belieber...uh, believer...out of you!

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