Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cast Iron Shelf Brackets Wrought with Victorian, Gothic, Neo-Classical Period and Nature Themes

Decorative cast iron shelf brackets offer an affordable way to add style to any room and Shop 4 Classics has just added Antique Revelry’s unique collection period and nature themed cast iron shelf brackets in an array of small and large sizes.   

Period Style Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

Period Style, often also referred to as Antique Style, shelf brackets incorporate hallmark designs of architectural design periods.  However, one need not limit their selection of cast iron shelf brackets to the period in which their home was constructed.  Designs of period style shelf brackets are timeless and therefore selection often becomes a matter of personal taste.   

Pennsylvania Dutch
Cast Iron Shelf Bracket 
Antique Revelry’s Pennsylvania Dutch Cast iron shelf brackets features a circular tulip design at its center similar to hex signs of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art.   In addition to the Pennsylvania Dutch cast iron shelf bracket, Antique Revelry’s Lotus Flower cast iron shelf brackets feature similar circular hex sign design.  Either of these cast iron shelf brackets is an ideal choice for Dutch colonial revival homes; however, their simple charming design is complimentary to any traditional themed setting.

Gothic Trestle
Cast Iron Shelf Bracket
The Victorian period of the late 19th century to early 20th century was known for elaborate aesthetics of dress, architecture, and design.  Flamboyant design of the Victorian period extended to even the most common of household objects.   The Victorian period often incorporated centuries old designs from the past while at the same time embraced the benefits brought on by the industrial revolution.   The result was Victorian creations melded the ancient with what was the state of the art of the day.   The design of Antique Revelry cast iron Gothic Trestle shelf bracket was inspired by the design of an actual turn of the 20th century iron bridge trestle.  The Gothic Trestle shelf bracket mimics an original cast iron bridge trestle’s design includes century’s old Gothic quatrefoil and trefoil images that were reintroduced in Gothic Revival architecture surrounded by the industrial appearance of countless rivets that held trestle in place.  

Nature Themed Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

Cast Iron Shelf Bracket
Nature has been the inspiration of design ever since man first drew on cave walls.   Flora and fauna has been represented in some form or another in elements of every architectural design period.   Antique Revelry has several cast iron shelf brackets with nature themes.   With its intricate design of oak leaves and acorns, Antique Revelry’s Acorn cast iron shelf bracket is an ideal accent for Arts and Crafts bungalow as well as rustic cabin interiors.    Antique Revelry’s Dragonfly cast iron shelf bracket features a large stylized dragonfly that is similar to those found on Arts and Crafts tile, pottery, and other forms of art. 

Check out one of the a largest selection of cast iron shelf brackets on web from Antique Revelry,  the John Wright Company  and Waterglass Studios in the Interior Accents section of the Shop 4 Classics website.

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