Monday, September 9, 2013

Multiple Showerhead Shower Systems: Configuring Custom Shower Systems

Multiple showerhead shower systems refers to in-wall showers that include multiple body sprays and even one or more handheld showers in addition to typically large overhead rain shower heads.  The popularity of multiple showerheads is no longer limited to contemporary style high-end homes.  They are increasingly being included in complete bath remodels and bath additions to older homes.  Whether considering a multiple showerhead shower for new construction or remodeling, one must confirm that they are permitted by local plumbing codes as many municipalities have added restrictive code designed to promote water conservation.

Strom Plumbing's Termostatic Multiple
Showerhead Shower Systems
Multiple showerhead shower systems represent a collection of components selected and arranged custom to the design of the shower and the homeowner’s desires.  The benefits of customization however require additional forethought when shopping for a multiple showerhead shower system.  For example, the shower’s layout must be planned to ensure that body sprays and shower heads properly reach the bather’s location and controls are placed at an easily reachable location.  Body sprays are typically added in sets of three: one at shoulder height, one at waist height, and one positioned between the hip and knee.  It is important to
consider the height of all likely users of the shower to avoid, for example, the top spray from spraying directly at the head of a shorter bather.  Individual control valves for each body spray or multiple sets of body sprays at different heights with each set having its own control valve may be necessary.

Shop 4 Classics offers vintage-themed multiple showerhead thermostatic shower systems by Strom Plumbing (Sign of the Crab).  Strom Plumbing’s thermostatic in-wall component tub and shower systems allow you to mix and match components to create a fully customized tub or shower faucet.  Components to Strom Plumbing’s shower systems share the same decorative metal and porcelain accented escutcheons and faucet handles as their series of vintage style faucets so they coordinate well with the bath’s sink and tub faucets.  The potential and flexibility to build your own system makes them a perfect solution for many applications, however, the versatility can make it difficult to choose the correct components.  No worries, Shop 4 Classics provides a Thermostatic Tub & Shower Component System Tips page to assist your buying decision.

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