Monday, May 27, 2013

Screened In Sleeping Porches: A Unique Feature of Old Homes Worth Restoring

This spring has been unusually mild in Kansas City this year which has allowed me to go without air conditioning so far.  I enjoy sleeping with the windows open during the spring and fall.  I owe this appreciation for this simple pleasure to my upbringing.  My parents, who were raised on farms, resorted to turning on the air conditioning only when the heat became unbearable which was usually at least a month after it became unbearable to me.  I would complain about the heat only to hear stories of how they had no air-conditioning growing up and slept on the porch on hot summer nights. 
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Many homes built during the early 1900’s included a porch separate from the front porch that was designed specifically as a sleeping porch.  Sleeping porches are more private, often located a home’s second story rather than the ground floor.  They are also open, yet screened-in, on multiple sides to allow the breeze to blow through the porch.  Unfortunately, that since the introduction of air conditioning many sleeping porches have been enclosed or removed during the remodeling of these old homes.

As with many other attributes of old homes, screened-in porches are once again becoming more popular addition to home renovation projects as well as new house construction.  Modern screened-in porches are not intended for sleeping although creating a relaxing environment remains a key element of their design.  Ceiling fans, stereos, and even televisions can be found in today’s screened-in porch.

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