Friday, May 10, 2013

Resin Grille Air Return and Heat Register Vent Covers: Decorative Options for Wall and Ceiling Vents

Distinguished Design Retro Resin Air Return Grille

Decorative vent covers featuring resin grilles are fast becoming a popular option for wall and ceiling air return as well as heating vent applications.  There are many advantages to resin vent covers over traditional iron, aluminum, brass and even wood vent cover grilles that have led to their popularity.  One of their greatest advantages is that resin grille vent covers are very light in weight making them easier to install on ceilings and walls.  Resin grille vent covers are also generally less expensive and typically available in a wide range of sizes.  Although resin grilles are not designed to support weight and therefore are not to be used on floors, quality resin grilles also have durability advantages as they will not rust and are resistant to warping, insect damage, corrosion, and moisture.
Shop 4 Classics has just added high quality resin grille heat registers and resin air return grilles from Distinguished Design.  Distinguish Design’s collection of resin vent covers are currently available in twelve designs with grille patterns that range from classic to contemporary.  Each Distinguish Design pattern is available as a heat register with pre-attached dampers for air control and as a simple air return vent cover.  Their resin grilles are available in a paintable option as well as black, brown, and

Distinguished Design Caspian Cross Resin Air Return Grille

Resin grille vent covers install in much the same way as other types of wall and ceiling vent covers.  In fact, the guidelines discussed in the recent blog entry, "Professional Installation of Wall and Ceiling Heat Registers And Air Intake Covers" applies to installing resin grille heat registers and air return vent covers.

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