Friday, May 17, 2013

Loose Pin Door Hinges: Butt Hinges with Removable Pins

A loose pin butt hinge is a door hinge that has a center pin that can be easily removed from the barrel to separate the hinge.  Naturally, they are also sometimes called removable pin door hinges.  Opposed to loose pin door hinges, butt hinges are also available with a fixed pin.  Fixed pin door hinges are sometimes also called tight pin door hinges or rigid pin door hinges.  Fixed pin butt door hinges have a permanent pin that cannot be removed from the hinge.

IDH Loose Pin Butt Door Hinge

The advantage of having a loose pin door hinge is that the door can be uninstalled without having to uninstall the hinge from either the door or the door jamb.  The hinge pin can be tapped out of the loose pin door hinge to allow the door to be lifted away with little effort.  Removing a door isn't an everyday event but it can be helpful to remove a door to refinish it or to paint the door frame.  Removing doors can also be beneficial when moving furniture or appliances through doorways.  Anyone that has done much of this is sure to have encountered a situation where one extra inch is needed to fit through a doorway.  Tapping out two or three hinge pins and lifting the door out of the way can be the difference between a clawfoot tub installed in the bathroom and one resting in the hallway.

Removable pin door hinges are commonly used on interior residential doors.  They can be used on exterior doors as well but should not be used on outward swinging exterior doors.  If the pin is exposed, as it would be for an outward swinging exterior door, the pin can be removed by a burglar to easily gain entry to your home.  Choose a fixed pin door hinge for outward swinging exterior doors.

Shop 4 Classics offers loose pin butt door hinges from IDH by St. Simons (IDH).  The IDH loose pin door hinges are available in the most typical sizes and most popular finishes.  They feature classic ball-tipped finials.  Ball tipped door hinges are common in old homes of most any architectural era but are especially ubiquitous in Arts & Crafts period homes.  IDH loose pin door hinges are beveled at the barrel to provide a tight fit in both the open and closed position.  The knuckles are precision aligned to ensure smooth operation.

We have one final caution about choosing loose pin door hinges.  In some cases, it can be important to know whether a door is a right hand door or a left hand door before choosing removable pin door hinges.  Choosing the wrong handing could result in a hinge that is upside down.  While it may not look any different, the pin will eventually work its way loose if it is inserted from the bottom of the barrel rather than the top.  This is not an issue with IDH loose pin butt door hinges.  The knuckles on IDH loose pin butt door hinges are threaded at both ends.  This allows the ball-tipped finial to be threaded into either end of the hinge so the pin can always be installed through the top of the barrel.  Handing is unimportant for IDH loose pin door hinges because there is no strict top or bottom.

Shop 4 Classics offers loose pin butt door hinges, fixed pin butt door hinges, and door hinges of all types, sizes, and finishes from IDH by St. Simons, Nostalgic Warehouse, and others.  Visit Shop 4 Classics for tremendous selection and great prices on door hinges.

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