Friday, April 12, 2013

Clawfoot Tub End Game: Dual Clawfoot Tubs vs.End Mount Clawfoot Tub Faucets

A dual clawfoot tub is a tub that is rounded at both ends of the tub.  It is also sometimes called a double-ended clawfoot bathtub.  The clawfoot tub faucet is usually installed in the center on the side of the tub.

Frequently, customers ask, "can I get a dual clawfoot tub with the faucet mounted on the end of the tub?"  While they prefer the symmetry of a dual clawfoot tub, they are bound by plumbing that is configured near the corner of a room rather than the middle.  If the faucet were mounted on the end of a dual tub, the customer could have their symmetric tub without changing the plumbing.  Unfortunately, this bit of nirvana is not easily obtained.

There are two important reasons clawfoot tub faucets are not normally mounted on the end of a dual tub:

  1. Installing a faucet at the end of a dual tub defeats one of the double-ended tub's important advantages.  Because both ends of a dual tub are rounded, a person can comfortably sit at either end of a dual tub or two people can simultaneously share a double-ended tub.  This would not be the case if a faucet was installed at one end of a dual tub rather than centered along one side.  If the faucet was mounted at one end of a double-ended clawfoot tub, a person could not recline comfortably with their back to the faucet end of the tub.
  2. The waste and overflow holes for the clawfoot tub drain will always be in the center of a double-ended tub.  The overflow on a clawfoot tub drain requires a relatively plumb vertical surface.  The only relatively plumb vertical surface on a double ended bathtub is the side walls.  The ends of dual tubs are sloped at an angle that would make it difficult to accept the overflow.  Also, if the drain plug were at one end of the tub, the faucet would be the least of the discomforts for the person seated at that end of the tub.

For these two reasons, double-ended clawfoot tubs are not offered with faucet holes drilled through the rim at one of the ends.  However, you can choose a double-ended clawfoot tub without faucet holes and install a wall mounted clawfoot tub faucet or a freestanding clawfoot tub faucet wherever you like around the perimeter of the tub.  Wall mounted faucets and freestanding faucets are independent of the tub.  Installing a freestanding faucet or wall mounted faucet at the end of a dual tub would make it awkward to sit at that end of the tub (see reason number 1) and the drain will always be centered on the side of the tub (see reason number 2) but this would be the one way that you can end mount a faucet for a double-ended clawfoot tub.

Arcadia Dual Clawfoot Tub from Sign of the Crab

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