Friday, February 1, 2013

Sign of the Crab Cypress Corner Bathtub: The Dagwood Special

Sign of the Crab Cypress Acrylic Corner Bathtub

The Blondie comic strip has been in publication since the 1930's.  One of its star characters is Blondie's husband Dagwood Bumstead.  Beyond his role as Blondie's husband, Dagwood is probably best known for his super-sized sandwiches.  Dagwood is also frequently shown in the comics relaxing in his corner bathtub; sometimes while simultaneously enjoying one of his famous sandwiches.  Kicking back in a corner tub enjoying a delicious sandwich paints a pretty pleasant picture.  Put a TV in the room (away from bathwater) with a game on and you pretty much have heaven on earth. 

Now you can have your very own Dagwood corner bathtub.  Sign of the Crab has introduced one of the most interesting new products for 2013; an antique reproduction corner bathtub.  Sign of the Crab frequently recreates iconic products from the past and their corner bathtub is a perfect example of their ingenuity.  Sign of the Crab's Cypress acrylic corner bathtub is a built-in tub that measures a spacious 69-1/2" long, 34-1/4" wide, and 25-3/8" tall.  It is constructed of durable acrylic.  Acrylic bathtubs are lighter and easier to install than cast iron bathtubs.  The Cypress acrylic tub is ideal for second story bathrooms like the one in the Bumstead home.  Because acrylic is a good thermal insulator, water stays warm longer just in case the game goes into overtime.  The Cypress acrylic corner tub is available in a right facing or left facing corner orientation so it can adapt to either plumbing configuration.  There is no need to purchase a tub drain for the Cypress acrylic corner bathtub as it includes an integrated drain.  This Art Deco corner tub features the same streamline design as the original models of the 1930's.  Shop 4 Classics offers Sign of the Crab's Art Deco style wall mount faucets and Art Deco in-wall tub & shower faucets to complete the job.

Create your own slice of heaven on earth with the Sign of the Crab Cypress acrylic corner bathtub.  The corner bathtub has served Dagwood Bumstead faithfully for 80 years.  Flip on the game, build a culinary masterpiece sandwich, and visit Shop 4 Classics for the Cypress acrylic corner bathtub, Art Deco faucets, and the entire Sign of theCrab catalog of fine plumbing.

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