Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is your sense of style Baroque? Cherub, Shop 4 Classics has the hardware you need to fix-up your palace!

Baroque is the name given to the extravagant style of design of early 15th century Europe. Luxurious materials including marble, fine grain wood and lavish fabrics are combined with highly complex, often to the point of being extravagant, design. Baroque style varied by region, however, the style was intended to convey an overwhelming sense of grandeur and opulence.

L'Enfant Door Hardware
by Brass Accents
A popular current design trend is to combine ornate elements of original Baroque style alongside contemporary design elements. The addition of the heavily designed Baroque elements is intended to infuse energy and a romantic appeal to that may be lacking in a purely modern setting. This design trend is generally referred to as Eclectic Baroque or referred to as Modern Baroque by some designers.

Shop 4 Classics specializes in offering a wide selection of period hardware, including hardware rich with designs that are the hallmark of original Baroque style. L’ Enfant door hardware sets by Brass Accents features an elaborate design that includes dolphin figures and cornucopia under a strong transom arched top. This pairing of complex accents with exaggerated architectural features is a hallmark of Baroque style. Brass Accents also offers European style cabinet hardware and curtain tiebacks that are ideal for adding eye-catching flair. The Baroque period is known for paintings and sculptures that feature idealistic figures and emphasis on movement. Movement, ideal human figures and even cherubs can be found in the designs of Copper Mountain’s Baroque style push plates. The series of push plates includes the Eve and Apple Tree push plate, Goddess at Daybreak push plate, and Goddess at Night push plate.

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