Thursday, January 10, 2013

Faux Shutter Hardware: Make Decorative Shutters Look Real

Shutters on an old home are often operational.  They open and close to provide weatherproofing, shade, privacy, or even peace and quiet.  In a new old home -- a new home designed to look like an old home -- shutters are often only decorative.  They do not open and close but instead are attached to the side of the house to look like open shutters on a vintage home.  Modern homes sometimes use decorative shutters to create curb appeal.  But just because a shutter is not real, doesn't mean that it needs to look unrealistic.  Today, we look at shutter hardware that you can use to make decorative shutters look like functional shutters.

Faux Shutter Hinge
The first and most important piece of hardware needed to make a shutter functional is a shutter hinge.  There are many different types of shutter hinges but when a shutter is open, only the barrel is visible.  Decorative shutters are always in the open position so shutter hinges for a decorative shutter only need the part of the hinge that is exposed.  Shop 4 Classics offers faux shutter hinges that are just the part of the hinge that would be visible on an open shutter, replicating the look of actual shutter hinges on a functional shutter.  The newest faux shutter hinge is a two part hinge with a pintel (mounting plate) and abbreviated strap.  It can be mounted flush with the shutter for zero throw or on the frame of a recessed window for a 3" throw.  The new faux New York shutter hinge authentically replicates the look of strap shutter hinges and New York style shutter hinges.  Incidentally, you often see dummy strap hinges used on the front side of decorative shutters.  Technically, this would be incorrect.  The strap would be hidden on the backside of a functional shutter.  It may not be technically correct but it isn't unusual to see dummy strap hinges used to provide detail on the front side of decorative shutters.
Faux Shutter Dog

Although it may not be necessary to make a shutter functional, functional shutters usually have shutter dogs (or shutter tiebacks).  Shutter dogs prevent real shutters from closing unintentionally.  Because of its visibility, a shutter dog, or the absence of a shutter dog, is a telltale sign of the authenticity of a shutter.  A functional shutter would likely have a shutter dog to keep the shutter open.  Faux shutter dogs can be rather convincing pieces of hardware for making decorative shutters appear operational.  Shop 4 Classics offers faux shutter dogs that attach to the bottom of decorative shutters to make it look as if the shutter dog is keeping the shutter open.

The two additional pieces of shutter hardware that are typically found on functional shutters are slide bolts and ring pulls.  Shutter slide bolts are used to keep shutters closed.  Shutter ring pulls provide handles for pulling open shutters to the closed position.  It may be a bit obsessive but shutter slide bolts and shutter ring pulls can also be installed on decorative shutters.  Over the top maybe, but the perfectionist or the homeowner with decorative shutters surrounded by homes with functional shutters might consider shutter slide bolts and shutter ring pulls to complete their mission to make their decorative shutters look real.

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