Monday, December 31, 2012

Modern Acrylic Bath Tubs: Create a New Look for the New Year

If a contemporary bathroom remodel is goal of yours for the New Year, replacing that existing utilitarian built-in tub or outdated whirlpool tub with a modern freestanding tub may be high on your list of priorities.  Many of the unique angular and curvaceous modern freestanding tubs are made of acrylic.  Don’t let past bad experiences or visions of flimsy fiberglass bath tubs deter you from considering today’s high quality acrylic bath tubs.  

Strom Plumbing, a company known for their high-quality vintage bathtubs and plumbing fixtures, now offers an ever expanding collection of thoroughly modern acrylic bath tubs.  StromPlumbing’s Seneca acrylic bath tub is a modern take on the classic double ended slipper tub offering a deep soaker bowl and extended backrests ends.  Strom Plumbing’s spacious Grenada acrylic tub and Klamath acrylic tub feature modern straight lines and simple rectangular shapes. 

To help you in your search for the perfect bath tub, Shop 4 Classics provides more information on choosing the right acrylic bath tub for your bath in its Clawfoot Bathtub Tips and ClawfootTub Buyers Guide.   

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