Monday, December 31, 2012

Modern Acrylic Bath Tubs: Create a New Look for the New Year

If a contemporary bathroom remodel is goal of yours for the New Year, replacing that existing utilitarian built-in tub or outdated whirlpool tub with a modern freestanding tub may be high on your list of priorities.  Many of the unique angular and curvaceous modern freestanding tubs are made of acrylic.  Don’t let past bad experiences or visions of flimsy fiberglass bath tubs deter you from considering today’s high quality acrylic bath tubs.  

Strom Plumbing, a company known for their high-quality vintage bathtubs and plumbing fixtures, now offers an ever expanding collection of thoroughly modern acrylic bath tubs.  StromPlumbing’s Seneca acrylic bath tub is a modern take on the classic double ended slipper tub offering a deep soaker bowl and extended backrests ends.  Strom Plumbing’s spacious Grenada acrylic tub and Klamath acrylic tub feature modern straight lines and simple rectangular shapes. 

To help you in your search for the perfect bath tub, Shop 4 Classics provides more information on choosing the right acrylic bath tub for your bath in its Clawfoot Bathtub Tips and ClawfootTub Buyers Guide.   

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sign of the Crab Rio Grande Clawfoot Tub Faucets: Just In Time for Christmas

When I was a boy, the arrival of the Sears Wish Book and the JC Penny Christmas Catalog was one of the great thrills preceding Christmas.  We spent hours thumbing through the toy sections of those catalogs in the weeks before Christmas.  We studied the new toys and dreamed about playing with them.  Many years later, I now look forward to the arrival of the next Sign of the Crab catalog.  For a company that specializes in vintage plumbing, Sign of the Crab is incredibly innovative.  Each year I look forward to seeing the new items for the upcoming year.  As they become available, we add new items to our website and wait anxiously to see which items our customers like best.
Sign of the Crab Rio Grande Clawfoot Tub Faucets

Just in time for Christmas, the Rio Grande series of clawfoot tub faucets are the first new items for 2013.  Sign of the Crab has offered the Rio Grande series of faucets for several years but the new faucets are the first Rio Grande clawfoot tub faucets to include a handheld shower.  The Rio Grande clawfoot tub faucets are based on the same faucet body as the Sign of the Crab gooseneck clawfoot tub faucets.  Like the gooseneck clawfoot tub faucets, the Rio Grande clawfoot tub faucets have a high arching spout.  The Rio Grande spout is a shepherd's hook style spout that reaches above the clawfoot tub rim to make this faucet code compliant in areas that require the spout to be above the clawfoot tub's floodplain.  The handheld shower includes a vacuum breaker to satisfy anti-siphon code.  The Rio Grande clawfoot tub faucets are available in every configuration so there is a tub wall mounted Rio Grande clawfoot tub faucet, a deck mounted Rio Grande clawfoot tub faucet, a flat wall mounted Rio Grande clawfoot tub faucet, and a freestanding Rio Grande clawfoot tub faucet.

Sign of the Crab has long offered the Rio Grande widespread sink faucet, Rio Grande bridge sink faucet, and Rio Grande bath accessories.  The Rio Grande clawfoot tub faucets allow customers to complete a coordinated bath.  It can be surprisingly difficult to find bathroom sink faucets, bath accessories, and clawfoot tub faucets that all look like they belong to the same family but Sign of the Crab's Rio Grande series does just that.

In our home, the Sears Wish Book and the JC Penny Christmas Catalog were stored in a closet right along with the phone book.  Year round, we browsed through these catalogs.  Over the next few weeks, we will be adding other new Sign of the Crab items to Shop 4 Classics.  We will introduce them to you here on the Shop 4 Classics Old House Blog.  Return frequently to see what's new or visit Shop 4 Classics to browse and shop for vintage plumbing and antique reproduction hardware from Sign of the Crab and other top quality brands.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vintage Hardware and Plumbing Fixtures: Holiday Gift Ideas that Keep on Giving and Look Good Doing So

Let’s face it; most gifts given are used up, forgotten, or out of style within six months. Finding a gift that will be appreciated for years often times calls for thinking outside the box. Shop 4 Classics does not sell scented soaps or candles but does specialize in vintage home hardware and plumbing fixtures featuring timeless designs and quality construction that is designed and warranted to last for years of trouble free use. It is understandable that antique reproduction hardware or plumbing fixtures do not come to mind when creating your gift list, so consider the below list of unique alternative gift ideas as inspiration before settling on that basket of overpriced toiletries.

Hearth & Kitchen Hardware Accent Items
Gatherings of family and friends for special meals define the holiday season. Shop 4 Classics offers a number of unique hardware items for the hearth and kitchen. Cast iron stovetop steamers with potpourri humidifies and fills your home with holiday scents. Shop 4 Classics collection of stovetop steamers includes many with colorful porcelain coatings and novel designs. Cast iron trivets provide a safe place to sit hot pots and pans. Like the stovetop steamers, our trivets are available in a variety of unique designs and many are available with colorful porcelain coatings.

Exterior Home Hardware Accent Items
Used to announce the arrival of invited guests or surprise Christmas carolers alike, a gift of a decorative doorbell button or door knocker can offer a unique and stylish welcome to visitors and introduce them to the home’s distinct character. A new set of bronze or copper house numbers make a thoughtful gift for those who moved into a new home during the past year. A wall or post mount mailbox can serve as a creative gift basket for gift certificate envelopes and smaller gift packages.

Decorative Cast Iron and Bronze Vent Covers
Do you really want to see a surprised look upon opening your gift this year? Heavy cast iron and bronze vent covers will almost certainly be a surprise and make particularly smart gifts for those who routinely try to lift and shake their gifts before opening. Just like giving a gift of trousers, you have to know the proper widths and lengths before giving vent covers as gifts. We highly recommend reading Shop 4 Classics’ Vent Covers Tips to help ensure the right vent covers are selected for your application.

Vintage Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Faucets
Quality vintage bathroom sink faucets and kitchen sink faucets provide years of service and offer timeless designs. Shop 4 Classics offers a wide selection of  bathroom and kitchen antique style faucets from some of the top brands that warrant their faucets to properly function for years after purchase. As with vent covers, it is important that you understand which types of faucets will work with the intended sink’s configuration. Shop 4 Classics also provides helpful Sink Faucet Tips that should be reviewed prior to making a purchase.

Hopefully a few new gifts ideas have made your gift list. Find enduring gifts while avoiding the often times chaotic crowds at the mall and big box stores, visit Shop 4 Classics soon to ensure that your gift arrives in time for the holidays.