Friday, October 19, 2012

Tudor Furniture Hardware: Cast Iron Pulls & Knobs Fitting for Heavy Tudor Furniture

Cast Iron Tudor Pull
Original English Tudor homes of the later half of the 15th were sparsely furnished; a trait that was not carried forward to the Tudor Revival homes of the 19th and even less so with the Tudor Revival homes of 20th century. Whether original or revival, Tudor style furniture was commonly made from oak and featured ornate woodworking including carvings on flat surfaces and ornate turned wood legs, seatbacks, and arm rests. Embellished as it was, Tudor style furniture was not delicate or dainty. Tudor furniture was generally heavy and sturdy.

Like Tudor furniture, Tudor style knobs and pulls were heavy and sturdy. Iron, typically forged iron but later more commonly cast iron, was the metal of choice for Tudor furniture hardware. Tudor furniture hardware took on gothic shapes and often featured decorative, yet simple, designs of back plates and other flat surfaces. Forged iron hardware, which is created by hand by a skilled craftsman, is generally significantly more expensive than cast iron hardware that can be produced in bulk by less skilled labor. Therefore, cast iron knobs and pulls are much more commonly chosen to complete reproduction Tudor furniture today.

Cast Tudor Bail Pull
Shop 4 Classics offers one of the largest selections of cast iron knobs and pulls on the Net and much of this hardware is from Antique Revelry. Antique Revelry’s collection of black cast iron knobs includes rough cast iron cannon ball style knobs and square pyramid head knobs as well as more decorative knobs like its cabinet knob with an English rose design. The flat surfaces of Antique Revelry’s cast iron bin pulls and back plates of its cast iron bail pulls feature simple designs reminiscent of the carvings common to original Tudor furniture. Antique Revelry’s black cast iron ring pulls and cast iron pendent pulls feature gothic shaped back plates and simple and heavy drop rings and pendants making them an ideal compliment to Tudor style heavy oak furniture.

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