Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bungalow House Numbers: Unique Numbers for Your Unique Home

Bungalow House Numbers
Looking up the definition of “bungalow” in any dictionary will provide a pretty precise definition as a small one story home. However, a much broader definition of the term bungalow seems to be more commonly used to describe any style of small house in today’s jargon. The more liberal definition of what is considered a bungalow is likely a function of the renewed popularity of small homes. Whether due to the after effects of a crash in the excessive real estate market, desire to reduce one’s carbon footprint, or simply a new found appreciation of the unique charms of smaller homes; the bungalow is once again an extraordinarily popular choice for today’s home buyer.

Classic American bungalows of the early 1900’s best fit the style’s common dictionary definition. Entire neighborhoods of what is now often referred to as Arts & Crafts bungalows were constructed throughout the country during the building boom that followed World War I. The basic layout of these one or one and a half story homes may have been similar from coast to coast but their facades typically reflected the unique style and building materials of the region. In the decades that followed and leading up to the introduction of the ranch style home during the 1950’s, a variety of compact styles of homes were popular. The style of each of home was given their own unique name but they are all often now considered, or at least marketed, as being a bungalow.

Choosing a new set of house numbers for your bungalow should blend your personal sense of style with the home’s unique style. Bronze and copper house numbers with an Arts and Crafts font are ideal for classic Craftsman style bungalows. Similarly, bronze and copper house numbers with a rustic font look right at home on rustic bungalows. If your bungalow is actually any one of the small home styles of the 1930’s through the 1940’s, consider a unique scroll font house number to add a distinctive accent to the home’s charming exterior.

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