Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vintage Clawfoot & Modern Freestanding Tubs: Ideal Replacements for that so 1990’s Giant Jacuzzi Tub

Oversized Jacuzzi style fiberglass drop in tubs were all the rage during the 1980’s and through much of the 1990’s. Jacuzzi bath tubs of this era were large, designed to comfortably accommodate two people. They, therefore, take a lot of water to fill them in order to properly activate their Jacuzzi water jets and if a warm bath was desired extra-large or multiple hot water heaters were also required. Today’s environmentally and economically conscious homeowners look upon these large tubs as wasteful of energy and water. The powerful water jets and often noisy internal pump motors of 1980 and 1990 era Jacuzzi tubs are no longer acceptable to modern homeowner’s that are wanting a relaxing and peaceful spa type bathing experience.

Summit Acrylic Double Slipper Tub
 Strom Plumbing by Sign of the Crab

When master bathrooms of the 1980’s and early 1990’s are remodeled, replacing these monster tubs with a stylish and much more practical cast iron or acrylic freestanding tub is often part of the plan. Removing old drop-in Jacuzzi tubs creates ample room to fit even the larger size freestanding tubs with ample free space around the tub to properly display the freestanding tubs attractive exposed plumbing fixtures.

Jacuzzi tubs were typically designed to use large deck-mount Roman tub faucets while today’s freestanding bath tubs are designed to accept a variety of tub faucet installations and often shower enclosures. Faucets and shower attachments used with both vintage clawfoot freestanding tubs as well modern freestanding tubs are generically referred to as clawfoot tub faucets and clawfoot tub showers. Clawfoot tub faucets and clawfoot shower sets are available in: tub deck mount faucet, tub wall mount faucet, freestanding bathroom floor mount faucet, and bathroom wall mount faucet options.

65 Inch Seneca Acrylic Soaker Tub
Shop 4 Classics offers freestanding tubs from a select group of popular name brands. Sign of the Crab also commonly referred to as Strom Plumbing, offers one of widest selection of freestanding bath tubs. Sign of the Crab’s collections of tubs includes both traditional cast iron freestanding tubs and lighter weight acrylic freestanding tubs. Sign of the Crab’s light weight acrylic tubs are ideal replacement for old Jacuzzi tubs especially if your master bath is on the second story where tub weight may be a concern while their cast iron tubs offer the look and feel of antique original clawfoot tubs. Sign of the Crab’s collection of cast iron and acrylic vintage style freestanding tubs includes classic roll-top tubs, elegant slipper and double slipper tubs, and large double-ended roll-top tubs. Sign of the Crab modern collection of freestanding acrylic includes shapely oval freestanding tubs and clean-line rectangular shape freestanding tubs.

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