Saturday, June 30, 2012

Novelty Door Stops: Cast Iron Birds, Cats, Dogs and Frogs Oh My – MYOH!

I would guess that simple door stops were probably invented a few days after the hinged door was invented. A wedged piece of wood or a heavy stone may have worked fine for a while but I imagine that it did not take long for the simple door stop to be transformed into decorative home accents. Once the door stop took more decorative forms, I am sure that the first cast iron door stops were introduced. Heavy and inexpensive, cast iron is the perfect material for creating decorative door stops. A craftsman’s unique door stop designs could be turned into patterns that iron foundries would use to cheaply cast over and over again replicas of the craftsman’s original design. As simple as the door stops purpose may be, there are actually available in two basic designs. Cast iron door stops are either smaller wedge-style door stops or heavier and typically larger non-wedge style door stops.

Recently, Shop 4 Classics added novelty cast iron door stops from MYOH, Make Your Own Home. MYOH’s cast iron door stops are available in a variety of novel animal shapes as well as traditional designs. Their collection of wedge-style door stops includes small mouse, frog and bird characters. MYOH’s larger non-wedge door stop collection includes novel black cat and terrier themed door stops. Whether you are looking for a decorative door stop as a unique home accent or in need of a door stop purely to keep an open door in its place, MYOH has a novelty cast iron door stop perfect for your home.

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