Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Cast Iron Double Slipper Tub & Other Hardware That Promise The Moon

Were you aware that there was a partial lunar eclipse this week?  The moon passed in the earth's shadow on Monday, June 4.  For most of us, it did so with little notice and that's because the moon, like Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect.  The moon's astrological limelight was overshadowed by Venus passing across the face of the sun also this week.  The Shop 4 Classics Old House Blog changes the moon's aura today with a look at moon-themed products available from your favorite resource for antique reproduction plumbing and hardware,

Moon Cast Iron Double Slipper Tub
Our lunar tribute begins with Sign of the Crab's Moon cast iron double slipper tub.  In general, Sign of the Crab's clawfoot tubs are named after lakes but the cleverly named Moon double slipper tub takes its name from its crescent shape.  The Moon cast iron double slipper tub is shaped like the moon in its crescent phase.  Sign of the Crab also offers a Crescent cast iron double slipper tub and a Luna cast iron double slipper pedestal tub.  Crescent is of course a phase of the moon while Luna is the Roman goddess of, you guessed it, the moon!  The difference between these three lunar named cast iron tubs is in their feet.  The Moon tub has peg style tub feet.  The Crescent tub has lion paw tub feet.  The Luna tub has a pedestal base.  All three tubs are 6' long and available with or without faucet holes.  When Sign of the Crab promises the moon, they deliver, wouldn't you say?
Eastlake Doorbell Button

Next on our moon tour is an Eastlake doorbell button from Waterglass Studios.  A crescent moon hangs in the night sky behind the owl in the elaborate design on the backplate of the Eastlake doorbell button.  The moon's appearance is subtle but worthy of attention.  The highly detailed backplate of the Waterglass Studios Eastlake doorbell button is a fine example of Victorian hardware.  The doorbell button is cast in brass and available in antique brass or oil rubbed bronze.

Moon Cabinet Knob
Our final lunar stop is the moon cabinet knob from MYOH.  Again depicted in its crescent phase, the moon shares the face of the moon cabinet knob with a collection of stars.  The moon cabinet knob is part of a celestial series of cabinet knobs that includes a sun cabinet knob and star cabinet knob.  These playful cabinet knobs are ideal for dresser drawers and cabinet doors in a daycare center, nursery, or child's bedroom.

When I was a boy and did something foolish, my father would say, "Boy, you got no more sense than a man in the moon for."  Grammatical errors aside, I never understood what he meant.  Father's Day is just around the corner so maybe I'll ask him to explain.  In the meantime, visit Shop 4 Classics for a great selection of antique reproduction hardware and plumbing; moon-themed and otherwise.

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