Friday, May 11, 2012

Forged Stainless Steel Door & Cabinet Hardware Accents For Rustic Contemporary Style

Rustic contemporary may seem to be an oxymoron but it is actually one of the hottest design trends. True to its name, rustic contemporary style represents a careful blending of rustic accents into otherwise contemporary home designs resulting in a modern look that is also inviting. Rustic contemporary style homes include typically contemporary features like open floor plans with modern appliances, plumbing fixtures, and furniture. Carefully chosen rustic features are incorporated to add contrast, interest, and warmth to the sophisticated contemporary setting. The rustic component of rustic contemporary style often varies reflecting regional themes, however, the choice of quantity and style of rustic accents should be tempered as to not overwhelm their more understated contemporary surroundings. Smartly chosen and well placed rustic accents become eye-catching focal points against contemporary backdrops. Likewise, larger rustic design features like reclaimed hardwood floors, natural stone accents, stone tile backsplashes, and rustic wood cabinetry provide a contrasting backdrop to surrounding modern furniture and modern accent pieces.

Finding the right door and cabinet hardware to complement rustic contemporary interior design can be a challenge. Acorn Manufacturing’s forged stainless steel door hardware and forged stainless steel cabinet hardware offer a unique blend of rustic and contemporary style. Stainless steel door hardware and cabinet hardware is commonly sleek and modern in design while forged door hardware and cabinet hardware has been made of iron and traditionally almost exclusively been rustic in design. This combination makes Acorn’s forged stainless steel door hardware and cabinet hardware an ideal choice for rustic contemporary themed homes.

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