Friday, April 6, 2012

When Choosing Bungalow Hardware One Style Does Not Fit All

The American bungalow home is an example of the compact style of homes built during the early 1900's through the 1940's. Bungalows are often described as having low pitched roofs, front facing dormer windows, and large front porches. However, this characterization does not even begin to describe the actual wide array of shapes, sizes and even distinctive qualities of bungalows that exist in the United States. The time period when the bungalow was built often had an effect on its design. Some bungalows incorporated features of earlier housing styles that were fading in popularity at the time (such as Victorian) while others incorporated features from emerging new design trends (such as Modernism). Location factors, specifically regional tastes and building material availability, also influenced the design of the bungalow. Bungalows of the Midwest feature wood, stone, and/or brick exteriors while bungalows found on the West Coast more commonly have stucco exteriors.

Original door hardware and other home hardware found on a bungalow is also often a reflection of what was popular where and when the home was constructed. Therefore, a bungalow may have ornate Victorian era style door hardware with crystal knobs or could have very different Craftsman style door hardware with designs reflecting influences of the American Arts and Crafts movement. Likewise, the bungalow home’s original hardware may also be a reflection of its location. For example, bungalows located in Southern California may contain iron hardware with Spanish influences whereas those in Northern California may include rustic hardware featuring nature themes of the Pacific Northwest.

Since most bungalows are approaching, or already are, a hundred years old, it is quite possible that some if not all of the home’s original hardware has been replaced. Fortunately, today’s home owners who are renovating their bungalow have many antique reproduction hardware options available from which to choose. They can choose hardware that resembles the home’s original hardware or choose, as many do, to complete their bungalow with iconic Craftsman and Mission style hardware that is associated with the Arts and Crafts movement. Regardless of the style of hardware you choose for your bungalow, it is a good idea to try to remain consistent with your choice throughout your home. This simple rule of thumb is especially true when shopping for bungalow hardware because their compact design and typically small number of rooms make inconsistencies in hardware selection all the more noticeable.

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