Friday, April 13, 2012

All American Wood Register: Wood Registers And Air Returns Made In The USA

All American Wood Register manufactures wood registers and wood air return grilles. Their name makes that fact clear. The wood registers and grilles are made exclusively in America. Again, that is made obvious by their name. What is not made obvious by their name is that All American Wood Register offers variety. And while variety may be the spice of life, it can also spur indecision. Today, we sort through the variety of wood vent cover options available from one of Shop 4 Classics' newest manufacturers to ease the selection of an All American Wood Register vent cover for your next project.

Register vs. Air Return Grille
As previously stated, All American Wood Register offers both wood registers and wood grilles. Grilles are typically used on return ducts while registers are used on supply ducts. In traditional residential heating and cooling systems, airflow is regulated on the supply side so registers have a damper (or louver assembly) while grilles do not. All American Wood Register dampers or constructed from heavy gauge, welded-steel and feature a durable baked-on epoxy coating. They attach to the wood grille with four screws. Like the wood grilles, the steel dampers are made in the USA by experienced craftsmen. All American Wood Register dampers are uniquely equipped with a thumbwheel airflow control that is recessed into the wood grille. The recessed damper control is a popular feature because it simplifies sanding and finishing, eliminates the hazard of a raised lever, and makes sweeping and vacuuming around the register easier.

Surface Mounted vs. Flush Mounted
All American Wood Register vent covers are offered for surface mount or flush mount. Flush mount wood registers and grilles rest in a specially constructed wood frame. The wood frame is permanently installed along with new hardwood flooring or cut into a retrofitted hardwood floor. The vent cover insert and frame are flush with the finished floor surface. The vent cover insert can be lifted out of the frame to clean the duct. Unlike flush mount wood vent covers that are exclusively used with hardwood floors, surface mount vent covers can be used on floors, walls, and ceilings of all types. They are also often called "drop-in grilles" or "self-rimming grilles" because the bottom of the grille drops into the duct opening and the top rests on the surface to create a rim that covers the opening.

Horizontal Slots vs. Vertical Slots
All American Wood Register wood registers and air return grilles are available with three different slot configurations; horizontal, vertical, and MaxFlo™. The horizontal slot wood registers and grilles are milled from a single piece of solid wood. The one piece construction provides the greatest strength and durability which makes them ideal for high-traffic floor areas. Horizontal slots offer mono-directional airflow that aims air in a single direction and can be positioned so ductwork isn't visible. Vertical slot wood registers and grilles provide bi-directional airflow that diffuses air in two directions to balance air movement. All American Wood Register's MaxFlo™ slots are bi-directional vertical slots designed to maximize air circulation. The MaxFlo™ wood registers and grilles have fewer louvers (vanes) that are spread further apart than traditional vertical slots to allow more air volume to pass through the grille. While not a recommended choice for high traffic floors, the MaxFlo™ wood vent covers are an excellent choice for areas that require greater air exchange.

Wood Species
Shop 4 Classics currently offers All American Wood Register vent covers in five different wood species. All wood vent covers are unfinished so you can stain or paint them to match your d├ęcor. The open grain of red oak, white oak, cherry, and hickory make them a great choice for stain while the closed grain of maple provides a smoother surface that makes it the recommended wood species for painting.

Choose All American Wood Register wood registers and wood air return grilles for your next project. The variety is unmatched and, oh yes, they are made in America. In addition to discount prices and free shipping for orders over $100, Shop 4 Classics offers the HARDWARE5 promotion code for an additional 5% discount on All American Wood Register orders of $500 or more or the HARDWARE10 promotion code for an additional 10% discount on All American Wood Register orders of $1,000 or more.

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