Friday, February 3, 2012

New Art Deco Pedestal Sinks & Console Sinks: Introducing Futuristic Bathroom Sinks from the Past

Strom Plumbing’s new series of bathroom sinks includes two Art Deco pedestal sinks and an Art Deco console sink. True to Art Deco style, all of these sinks feature rectangular bowls and distinctive angular profiles. The addition of the new pedestal sinks and console sink complement Strom Plumbing’s existing Mississippi line of Art Deco lavatory faucets, tub and shower sets, and bath accessories.

Without a doubt, the bathroom experienced its greatest transformation during the Art Deco period. Restoring and recreating these truly unique bathrooms is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. A quick study of the Art Deco period and its influences is a wise first step before immersing oneself in the project’s construction details and array of product selection exercises.

The Art Deco period of design began in the 1920’s and lasted through the 1930’s. The beginnings of the Art Deco period was shaped by the destruction, as well as the amazing strides in technology, brought about by World War I. Following World War I, there was understandably a desire to put the past behind. There was, however, a surprising amount of optimism toward the future as the peacetime benefits of the new technologies that the War introduced was contemplated. Thus it should come as no surprise that architecture, industrial design and art of the Art Deco period represented a radical departure from the past Victorian period. Unlike the Victorian period that drew inspiration from the past, Art Deco design was forward looking. The ornate Victorian design elements that borrowed from ancient Greek and Roman civilizations fell out of style in favor of stylized designs inspired by the modern aircraft and other products transformed by technology of the day. The use of new materials like plastics, chrome plating and exotic species of wood veneers further added to the unique look of products from the Art Deco period.

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