Thursday, February 23, 2012

Linsanity: The Jeremy Lin Effect On Vintage Door Hardware

Jeremy Lin is everywhere. You may not recognize his name in the context of the Shop 4 Classics Old House Blog but you've surely heard of him. Jeremy Lin is the basketball phenomenon who just a few weeks ago was relatively unknown. Jeremy Lin does a lot of things well and I root for him but for all he does well, Jeremy Lin is also turning the ball over at a record pace. Most of us overlook that flaw in his game because the rest of the story is just too good. Living in an old home can be that way sometimes. The kitchens are too small. Closet space is limited. The windows are drafty. We accept the downside in exchange for the character of an old home. Like Jeremy Lin, the good is just too good to concern ourselves with the less favorable.

Recently, I worked with a customer to select door hardware for her home. To protect her identity, I'll call her Loretta. Loretta and her husband are in the process of restoring their Victorian home. Over time, they plan to replace all of the worn antique door hardware. Conscientious restorers, Loretta and her husband wanted antique reproduction door hardware that matched the original vintage door hardware as closely as possible. Because antique mortise locks were installed in the doors, I recommended Nostalgic Warehouse antique reproduction door hardware. Nostalgic Warehouse is one of the few door hardware companies whose hardware is designed to work with either tubular or interior mortise type locks. They offer a comprehensive collection of vintage backplate and door knob designs to fit every architectural era. Naturally, Loretta chose the Victorian doorplates. Crystal door knobs were original to Loretta's home. Although she preferred Nostalgic Warehouse's New York door knob, Loretta chose Nostalgic Warehouse's Victorian backplates with crystal door knobs out of respect for her home's history. The crystal door knobs are Loretta's Jeremy Lin. They are such a perfect fit for her home that Loretta forgets that they were not her preferred choice.

Shop 4 Classics offers Nostalgic Warehouse's complete catalog of antique reproduction door hardware. In addition to discount prices and free shipping for orders over $100.00, Shop 4 Classics offers the HARDWARE5 coupon for an additional 5% discount on Nostalgic Warehouse orders of $500.00 or more or the HARDWARE10 coupon for an additional 10% discount on Nostalgic Warehouse orders of $1,000.00 or more. Shop 4 Classics and Nostalgic Warehouse, a "linning" combination.

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