Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hand Painted Ceramic Knobs add Color and Character to Cabinet Doors and Drawers

A few years ago I bought a beaten up roll top desk for fifty dollars with plans to clean it up for use in my home office. However, I was soon disappointed upon unloading the desk at home. I discovered that the desk was not old enough to be considered an antique, smelled terribly of cigarette smoke, and was in far worse shape than I originally thought. The desk sat in my garage for months while I sprayed it daily with a vinegar solution in an attempt to remove the smell. I finally gave up on the desk and turn my focus to finding the easiest and cheapest way to dispose of it. I began breaking the desk down in order to haul to the city dump when I came up with an idea to transform the desk into a two person computer workstation for my kids. I was able to reuse the desk’s two sets of drawers and its roll-top top, which I cut in half to create a printer cabinet. Several coats of high quality paint covered the smell of cigarette smoke and dressed up its worn exterior. Finally, the workstation was assembled and completed with new decorative cabinet hardware. It turned out to be much more work than I originally anticipated but resulted in a very large, sturdy, and most importantly inexpensive piece of furniture. Fortunately, not all furniture restoration projects have to be so elaborate. Adding new knob and pull cabinet hardware may be all that is needed to give a tired piece of furniture a new look.

Decorative painted ceramic cabinet knobs and pulls offer an affordable and easy way to add character to furniture, bathroom vanities, and kitchen cabinets. Ceramic cabinet knobs are ideal for children’s bathroom vanities and bedroom furniture because they are available with colorful, whimsical designs and are easier for small hands to grip because they are typically larger than traditional cabinet knobs. Hand painted ceramic knobs can become the crowning jewels of colorful kitchen remodels as well. Renovations of old kitchens often include painting kitchen cabinets and adding decorative tile backsplashes. With so many different color and design combinations to choose from, there is sure to be a ceramic cabinet knob that will complement or add contrast to newly painted kitchen cabinets and installed tile backsplashes.

Shop 4 Classics recently added new hand painted ceramic cabinet knobs from Antique Revelry. These ceramic knobs feature colorful designs and decorative brass bases and tops. The collection includes painted ball ceramic knobs, small painted fluted ceramic knobs, and a large fluted ceramic knob. Infuse color and character into your furniture restoration project or kitchen or bath remodel with unique hand painted ceramic knobs from Antique Revelry!

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