Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cast Iron Shower Pans: Vintage Fixtures Fitting For Small Bathrooms in Old Homes

Vintage homes are full of character but are typically lacking in the number of full bathrooms. Thus, adding another full bath is often high on old home remodel plans. If an addition to the home is not possible due to budget or lot size, home owners are left with either trying to add a bathtub to an existing half size bath or carving space for a new bath for the home’s already tight floor plan. Either way the bathroom may be too small to accommodate a normal size bathtub. Before succumbing to frustrations and giving up on the idea of adding a full bath, consider adding a cast iron shower pan instead of a bathtub. Cast iron shower pans accompanied with an exposed riser shower can not only solve space issues but also transform the small bathroom into a focal point of your vintage home remodel.

Shop 4 Classics offers porcelain coated cast iron shower pans and exposed riser showers from Sign of the Crab and Sunrise Specialty. Sign of the Crab’s cast iron shower pan stands on clawfeet similar to those found on its clawfoot bathtubs. Sunrise Specialty’s cast iron shower pan is a drop-in model that fits within a frame that must be constructed as a part of the bathroom remodel. Sign of the Crab collection of exposed riser showers includes one with modern thermostatic controls and several showers with handheld shower attachments. Sunrise Specialty also offers exposed riser pipe showers and they too include showers with optional handheld shower attachments as well as a shower with thermostatic functions. Both Sign of the Crab and Sunrise Specialty offer their exposed pipe showers in brass, polished nickel, brushed/satin nickel, chrome and a bronze finish. However, Sign of the Crab’s Oil Rubbed Bronze finish is charcoal black in color whereas Sunrise Specialty’s Old Bronze finish is an antique brown finish. Both Sign of the Crab and Sunrise Specialty have been in business for over 30 years and both are known for their industry leading quality and service.

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