Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spigot Spout Clawfoot Faucets: Add a Little Period Style with these Compact Vintage Clawfoot Tub Faucets

Today clawfoot tubs are known for their elaborate exposed plumbing and shower enclosure sets, however, very simple spigot style clawfoot faucets were much more common during the golden era of clawfoot tubs of the early 1900’s. Spigot clawfoot tub faucets are also called down spout clawfoot tub faucets as their small spout points down directly from the body of the faucet. Reproductions of spigot clawfoot tub faucets are still available today and they remain a popular choice for use with small clawfoot tubs. Basic models of spigot clawfoot faucets are usually the most affordable faucet option available for clawfoot tubs. Models of vintage tub faucets, however, are also available with shower diverters for handheld shower attachments or complete shower enclosure sets.

The simple design of spigot clawfoot faucets does have a few drawbacks. Unlike other styles of clawfoot tub faucets, the simple down spout of spigot style clawfoot faucets limits it to installations on tubs with tub wall faucet holes. Further, spigot clawfoot faucets are not code compliant in some areas of the country where plumbing codes require tub faucet spouts to be above the rim of the tub. They are also not available with modern thermostatic technologies like anti-scald and anti-siphon features which are also required by plumbing codes in some areas.

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