Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sign of the Crab's Seneca Acrylic Soaker Bathtub: A Tub With Mork In Mind

Before Robin Williams was Robin Williams, he was Mork from Ork. Mork traveled to Earth in an egg-shaped spaceship. Mentioning Mork and his spacecraft might seem odd in a blog dedicated to antique reproduction hardware and plumbing for vintage homes but I reference them because Sign of the Crab recently introduced an acrylic soaker tub that reminds me of Mork's means of intergalactic travel.

Sign of the Crab's Seneca acrylic soaker bathtub is new for 2012. It is a freestanding contemporary tub constructed of durable lightweight acrylic. At just around 90 lbs., this egg-shaped acrylic bathtub is relatively easy to move, which makes it ideal for upper story bathrooms. Acrylic is naturally warmer to the touch than cast iron and water stays warmer longer because acrylic is a good thermal insulator. The Seneca double-walled acrylic bathtub stands 26-1/2" tall overall. It is 65" long and 30-3/4" wide with a 37" long by generous 19" wide seating area.

The Seneca acrylic soaker bathtub features an integrated waste and overflow (otherwise known as a tub drain). The drain trim is available in today's most popular finishes. The smooth curves of the tub go uninterrupted by faucet holes. It can be coupled with a wall mounted tub faucet or over-the-rim freestanding faucet to provide one heck of a sophisticated bath. Shazbot! The Seneca acrylic soaker bathtub is sure to be a winner in 2012.

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