Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pewter Knobs and Pulls: Attractive and Affordable Cabinet Hardware

Shopping for unique cabinet hardware is a rewarding last step for those creating a fresh look for kitchen cabinets or completing a wood working furniture project. Finding distinctive knobs and pulls priced within one’s budget can add frustration to this otherwise enjoyable process. The local big-box hardware store may offer hundreds of mass-produced brass knobs and pulls but they all may begin to look strangely similar in spite of their varying shapes, sizes and finishes. Recently, pewter cabinet knobs and drawer pulls have become an increasingly popular alternative to brass cabinet hardware for a variety of reasons.

Pewter drawer pulls and knobs have a very distinctive look that contrasts particularly well against both dark and light painted or stained wood furniture and cabinets. Pewter cabinet hardware has either a polished or an antique finish. Polished pewter has a satin light gray appearance while antique pewter is a darker gray accentuated with even darker shades of gray within the recesses of the hardware’s design.

Pewter knobs and pulls can also take on unique shapes and cast with fine details due to the metal's low melting point. Pewter cabinet hardware, therefore, can not only take on the same shapes and designs as brass hardware but also can be created with more complex shapes and with details that can not be created economically with brass or bronze.

Last but certainly not least, pewter is a comparatively inexpensive metal and therefore pewter cabinet knobs and pulls are generally less expensive than similar brass or bronze cabinet hardware. In fact, only cast iron cabinet hardware is less expensive than pewter cabinet hardware and cast iron hardware is typically available only in more simple designs.

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