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Reviving Your Tudor Revival Home: Home Hardware & Plumbing Choices for Your Tudor Home Restoration

The Tudor Revival architecture, which drew inspiration from original English Tudor architecture of the 1500’s, emerged in England during the late 1800’s and quickly spread to the United States. Popularity of Tudor Revival style in the United States reached its peak during the 1920’s and ended as the Country entered World War II at the start of the 1940’s. Much of Tudor Revival architecture’s appeal in the United States was the style’s connection to England, which was considered the leader in intellect, wealth, and sophistication of the day. This desire to be connected to England was particularly keen during this time as many wished to separate themselves from the wave of new immigrants from the rest of Europe. Tudor Revival architecture was a mark of elevated status and therefore was popular for homes of the upper and upper-middle class and buildings of prestigious science and educational institutions.

Hallmarks of Tudor Revival architecture include steep gabled slate roofs and facades constructed of a mix of brick, stone accents, and decorative half timbering. Prominent chimneys topped with decorative chimney pots, narrow windows featuring a pattern of diamond panels, and a stone Tudor archway above the front entry are also common Tudor Revival architectural elements.

The interiors of Tudor Revival homes in many ways are a reflection of their exteriors. Heavy wood beams on the ceilings, dark wood paneling along the walls, and wide-plank wood floors are contrasted against the Tudor home’s surrounding white or light colored plaster work. However the focal point of most Tudor Revival homes is their large stone hearths, which are just as grand as the home’s exterior chimneys. Decorative carving in the home’s wood and stone work include stylized images of English flora and fauna including the Tudor rose, thistle, deer and other woodland creatures. Tudor home's of the truly wealthy also include elaborate carvings and art work of famous characters from English history and family crests that conveyed the home owner's English lineage. Richly colored accents including tapestries on their walls, ornate rugs on their floors, and stained glass accents on exterior windows were added to help brighten Tudor home's otherwise dark interiors.

Shop 4 Classics has all the hardware that you will need to complete your Tudor home renovation. Below are just a few ideas of hardware and plumbing products that you may wish to consider for your project:

Tudor Revival Door Hardware and Door Knockers from Brass Accents

Brass Accents' line of door hardware includes the Oxford door hardware series which is a reproduction of Sargent & Company’s Belfort pattern circa 1894. The backplate takes the shape of the Tudor arch and includes accents resembling patterns found on Tudor wood paneling and half-timbering. Consider pairing the Oxford backplates with Brass Accents’ Maltesia knob which features a design resembling the Tudor rose. Brass Accents also offers a lion head door knocker with a uniquely English twist. The stately lion head door knocker’s drop ring features a bust of a Shakespearean character.

Old European Inspired Solid Bronze Door Hardware and Accents from Coastal Bronze

Coastal Bronze manufactures a variety of solid bronze door and gate hardware cast with rustic textures resembling that found on old European cast iron hardware. In particular, Coastal Bronze’s Euro series of door hardware and gate hardware features accents inspired by old world designs.

Early 1900’s Reproduction Baseboard Heat Registers by Mission Metalworks

Mission Metalworks produces replicas of the classic single-damper slanted baseboard heat register that were so common in homes of all types constructed in the early 1900’s. Their reproduction baseboard heat registers are available with Grid and Cathedral style grille patterns and in the two most common baseboard register sizes of the period.

Cast Iron Tudor-Inspired Heat Registers from Antique Revelry

Decorative black cast iron heat registers by Antique Revelry are an ideal upgrade for wall heat vent covers found in Tudor Revival homes. The diamond grill work pattern resembles geometric designs found on stone and wood work of English Tudor style homes. Their Tudor heat registers are also available with white and black cast aluminum grilles that are lighter in wieght making them perfect for wall and ceiling vents.

Tapestry Holders, Curtain Tie Backs, and Carpet Holders from Brass Accents

Elaborate tapestries and ornate carpets added rich colors to Tudor home interiors. Decorative tapestry hangers and carpet holders by Brass Elegans help keep them all in their place and looking good.

Period Reproduction Faucets and Fixtures from Sign of the Crab

The kitchens and baths of the early 1900’s contained a unique set of faucet and fixtures. Sign of the Crab specializes in period reproduction plumbing products. Sign of the Crabs product line includes cast iron tubs, clawfoot tub faucets and showers, vintage sinks, and antique reproduction kitchen and lavatory faucets.

Check out Shop 4 Classics’ Tudor Style Guide for more information and ideas about Tudor Revival style homes.

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