Friday, December 30, 2011

Add Vintage Flair to Wall Coat Hook Racks and Coat Hook Trees with Black Cast Iron Coat Hooks

For the DIYer, creating a list of New Year’s resolutions often also results in them adding to their already long list of home projects. For example, resolving to stay more organized in the New Year can add any number of projects to their DIY project list. While the project may be as simple as adding a conveniently located garment hook in a closet, it may also be more involved like creating a unique wall mounted coat rack or freestanding coat hook tree from scratch.

Whether the project is simple or complex, cast iron hooks should be considered when developing the project’s shopping list. Cast iron coat hooks are an attractive and typically more affordable alternative to solid brass and bronze coat hooks. Cast iron hooks are also available in styles that range from simple single and double utility hooks to large and highly decorative Victorian coat and hat hooks. Most cast iron coat hooks on the market have vintage designs based upon original antique hooks and are, therefore, excellent choices for DIY projects that have a period theme. A negative of cast iron hooks is that, unlike solid brass hooks that are offered in a wide array of finish options, cast iron coat hooks are commonly only offered with either a durable black powder coat finish or offered with natural or antique iron finishes.

Just in time for the New Year, Shop 4 Classics has added the latest selection of cast iron hooks from Antique Revelry. Antique Revelry’s cast iron hooks have vintage designs and have durable black powder coat finishes. Below, is a sample of Antique Revelry’s current selection of cast iron hooks along with a few ideas on how each hook can be used to help maintain organization in the New Year:

With a simple design common to antique coat hooks found in classrooms throughout the country, Antique Revelry’s School House coat hook is sturdy and affordably priced making it an excellent choice for wall mounted multiple-hook coat racks located in mudrooms and changing rooms.

In contrast to the School House hook, Antique Revelry’s Grand Victorian cast iron coat and hat hook is an extra large hook featuring an elaborate antique design. The Grand Victorian coat and hat hook is designed for display as well as utility. This antique coat and hat hook will add eye-catching vintage flair whether it is mounted individually on front foyer walls or used in sets to complete a DIYer’s custom-made coat rack tree.

Antique Revelry’s Fleur de Lis coat rack hook is the perfect decorative cast iron hook for the DIYer wanting to create a prominently displayed wall mount coat rack. This black cast iron coat hook features an ornate twisted double hook attached to a sturdy base cast in the shape of the ever-popular Fleur de Lis symbol. Enhancing the look, the Fleur de Lis coat hook mounts with machine screws from behind the base rather than with wood screws from the front. Mounting from behind conceals screw heads from view resulting in a refined look.

For DIY projects that call for a ceiling hook, Antique Revelry offers a truly unique rotating triple ceiling hook. This cast iron ceiling hook is an ideal solution for applications requiring items to be stored overhead like utility and laundry rooms.

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