Friday, September 30, 2011

Pocket Door Edge Pulls: Livin' On the Edge With Sliding Pocket Door Hardware

Not all doors swing on hinges. More adventurous doors swing in special nightclubs in California. But today we'll discuss doors that do not swing at all; sliding pocket doors. Rather than swing, pocket doors slide. They usually hang on rollers in an overhead track that allows the door to slide in and out of a pocket in the wall.

Because a sliding pocket door retracts into the wall, it can not have door knobs that would prevent the pocket door from sliding into its opening. Instead, pocket doors utilize surface pulls that install virtually flat with the side of the door to eliminate any obstruction by door hardware as the door slides into the pocket. Once recessed into the pocket, a pocket door edge pull provides a handle to pull the door back out. Pocket door edge pulls are mortised flush into the outside (exposed) edge of the sliding door. They have a lever handle that swings away from the door's edge to provide a grip on the recessed door. When not in use, the lever handle drops flush with the edge of the door.

Pocket door edge pulls and pocket door surface pulls for antique pocket doors are generally separate components. Around the mid 1900's, pocket door hardware manufacturers began combining pocket door edge pulls and pocket door surface pulls into a single piece of hardware. The single unit combination pocket door pulls provide a choice of passage or privacy functions. Pocket door hardware is available in popular finishes such as brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze to match other home hardware.

Shop 4 Classics offers pocket door edge pulls and pocket door surface pulls for antique pocket doors as well as combination pocket door pulls for sliding pocket doors from more modern eras. In addition to pocket door hardware, Shop 4 Classics offers antique reproduction door hardware for swingers, uh, hinged doors also. Shop 4 Classics has plenty of vintage door hardware for all types and tastes.

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