Thursday, August 18, 2011

Decorative Brass Floor Register Covers: Heat Registers That Go Beyond Builders’ Grade

Upgrading unsightly builder’s grade floor registers with decorative brass heat registers is an easy and economical opportunity to add style throughout your home. Most brass grille floor register covers are offered in a variety of finish options beyond polished brass. It is common for manufacturers to offer their brass floor registers in five to six finishes including antique brass, chrome, polished nickel, brush nickel, faux bronze, black and pewter. Manufacturers also often offer their heat registers with both contemporary and traditional grille pattern options. Additionally, they offer all of their brass grilles without attached louver assemblies for use as air return vent covers and with screw holes for wall installations.

In most cases, installation of solid brass grille floor registers is a simple process. First, measure in inches the length and width of each vent duct opening. The dimensions of the opening will determine the “inside measurements” of the replacement register. Registers, as well as air return grille covers, are typically organized and described by their inside measurements. Older homes can have odd size vent duct openings while newer homes typically have vent duct openings with dimensions that fall within a set of nine standard vent cover sizes with widths of 2 ¼, 4 and 6 inches and lengths of 10, 12 and 14 inches. Once your register order is delivered, installing floor registers is a simple matter of placing the register into the vent duct and adjusting the louvers to allow for the desired air flow.

The picture at right shows the dramatic difference that replacing builders’ grade floor registers with decorative floor registers can make. Note that the builder’s grade steel floor register is rusting in addition to inherently lacking any attractive aesthetic qualities. The Hamilton Sinkler Strathmore floor registers with their solid brass grilles will not rust like most builders’ grade register covers.

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