Friday, June 24, 2011

Colonial Period Reproduction Furniture Hardware: Complete Your Antique Furniture Restoration with Period Style Pendant and Bail Pulls

The grueling dog daze of summer will begin in a few short weeks and many will search for indoor home projects and hobbies to occupy their free time. Renovating original antique furniture and creating period style furniture pieces are indoor activities that are rewarding ways to wait out the hot days of summer.

Whether restoring an original or creating a reproduction, selecting cabinet knobs or drawer pulls with designs that are true to the style of furniture is an important early step of your project. Furniture drawer knobs and pulls become tarnished, broken or missing after years of use. Fortunately, quality replacement hardware that are reproductions of original vintage knobs and pulls are available if you know where to look. Shop 4 Classics offers a wide array of reproduction furniture hardware that mimics styles of period furniture of the 18th though the first half of the 20th centuries.

Period furniture of the 18th century in America included styles adopted from Europe. With each new style trend making its way from Europe, unique designs of furniture hardware was also introduced that shared many of the furniture’s identifiable features.

William and Mary Period Furniture Hardware
William and Mary style furniture, particularly dressers and tables, of the early 18th century featured ornately shaped legs that appeared delicate in proportion to table top or chest of drawers that they held. Complementary to the furniture style, William and Mary pendent pulls have tear-drop shape pull handles and distinctive round, clover leaf and diamond shaped back plates.

Queen Ann Period Furniture Hardware
Queen Ann furniture of the early to mid 18th century featured elegant profiles but were less ornate compared to earlier William and Mary furniture. Similarly, graceful curves define the shape of Queen Ann bail pull back plates while their pulls are elegantly simple in design.

Chippendale Period Furniture Hardware
Chippendale furniture of the mid to late 18th century is one of the most recognizable styles of period furniture. The Chippendale highboy chest of drawers with its cabriole legs and shapely decorative piedmont is signature Chippendale style. Chippendale bail pulls shapely back plate mirrors the ornate forms of the highboy’s piedmont while the bail pulls elegant drop pull resembles the highboy’s cabriole legs.

Tune in in a few weeks weeks when we finish our review of reproduction furniture hardware by looking at furniture and furniture hardware styles of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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