Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freestanding Faucet Supply Lines for Freestanding Clawfoot Bathtubs Graduate To Excellence

Without the pomp and circumstance that heralds the arrival of new clawfoot bathtubs or new clawfoot tub faucets, Cheviot Products recently introduced new heavy duty freestanding faucet supply lines. Like college graduates leaving the nest to make their own way, these new freestanding supply lines are now self-supporting. They stand sturdily without additional reinforcement. They do not require a wall brace or clawfoot tub drain support brackets like traditional freestanding supply lines require. These self supporting supply lines allow a clawfoot tub to be placed anywhere in the room and allow the clawfoot tub faucet to be installed anywhere along the perimeter of the tub.

Similar to a college graduate starting a career, we commence our review of the Cheviot Products self-supporting supply lines at the ground level and work our way up. The supply lines require standard 1/2" male NPT rough-ins projecting 1/2" to 1" through the finished floor. The center-to-center rough-in for the supply lines should match the faucet centers. Common clawfoot bathtub faucet centers are 3-3/8", 7", or 8" but it is important to check and match the supply line rough-ins with the faucet centers. The freestanding supply lines proudly stand over 31" tall. At the top, the supply lines are male threaded for 3/4", #14 NPSM connections to a clawfoot tub faucet.

Shop 4 Classics offers the complete catalog of Cheviot Products clawfoot tub faucets that can be paired with these self-supporting freestanding faucet supply lines to provide an independent clawfoot tub faucet. The supply lines can also be used with Cheviot Products clawfoot tub showers to provide freestanding showers; although the shower riser and shower curtain ring will require support braces from the adjacent wall and ceiling.

The self-supporting clawfoot tub supply lines feature integrated shutoff valves that are cleverly concealed within the supply line tubes. A slotted screw operates the service stop valves to ease installation and faucet maintenance. The supply lines are offered in today's most popular finishes to match Cheviot Product clawfoot tub faucets.

The Cheviot Products self-supporting supply lines are perfectly qualified for any freestanding clawfoot tub faucet job. Put them to work on your freestanding clawfoot bathtub project.

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