Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skirted Cast Iron Bathtubs: Creating Head-Turning Looks with this Fashionable Freestanding Bathtub

Choosing to add a freestanding bathtub is a good first step for those wanting to create a unique look for their home’s bath. Unlike traditional built-in tubs that often offer little aesthetic value to bathroom design, freestanding bathtubs are the eye-catching centerpiece of the bath. Freestanding bathtubs are typically outfitted with clawfoot faucets and showers where the supply lines and drains are exposed rather than hidden behind bathroom walls. All of this chrome, brass, nickel or oil rubbed bronze plumbing adds to the freestanding bathtub’s appeal. Further, freestanding bathtubs are offered in three types (clawfoot, pedestal and skirted) and each type is available in a seemingly endless array of style and size combinations.

Skirted freestanding bathtubs may not get all of the marketing exposure as the more popular clawfoot bathtubs and pedestal bathtubs but their distinctive shapes are sure to draw a lot of attention in your bath. Skirted bathtubs are cast iron tubs that sit within a decorative wraparound metal skirt. In my opinion, these tubs are excellent alternatives to clawfoot and pedestal tubs for vintage themed bathrooms and are often even better suited aesthetically for a variety of other bathroom themes. Since this is a blog and blogs are where one’s ideas are shared, I provide my thoughts on skirted tub choices for various bathroom themes:

Skirted Bathtub Choices for Vintage Bathrooms
Clearly clawfoot tubs and pedestal tubs are not only the most logical choice but also the most appropriate choice for vintage themed bathrooms. I recommend vintage bathrooms with specific period themes remain true to the time period when selecting the type of bathtub. For example, classically styled clawfoot bathtubs should be used for Victorian themed bathrooms and pedestal bathtubs are appropriate for Art Deco style bathrooms. However, skirted tubs like Cheviot Products’ Balmoral skirted dual bathtub provide a unique look for bathrooms with general, less time period specific, vintage themes.

Skirted Bathtub Choices for Rustic Bathrooms
Skirted slipper and double-end bathtubs are excellent choices for master baths of rustic themed homes or vacation getaways. Rustic style home interiors offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Thus, interior design is not only rustic but also welcoming. Today’s rustic style is infused modern sophistication in place of the more campy approaches of the past. Completed with oil rubbed bronze faucets and plumbing, skirted bathtubs offer an understated sophistication that works well with today’s stylish rustic settings. I like Sunrise Specialty's Dakota skirted slipper bathtub for rustic bathrooms because of its simple and custom paintable metal skirt.

Skirted Bathtub Choices for Country and French Country Bathrooms
Country themed bathrooms can take two forms, one that is highly traditional and one that is more rustic. Once again, the skirted bathtub is uniquely suited to become the centerpiece of both of these variations of country themed bathrooms. Country cottage and traditional style French country bathrooms are typically bright with walls either painted in a palette limited to light colors or adorned with white or light colored wallpaper featuring with floral or toile patterns. Country cottage and traditional French country favor white porcelain fixtures with nickel or brass plumbing while rustic French country themed bathrooms feature the use of dark more earthy tones paired with darker rich colored accents. Bronze and copper sinks are common fixtures with copper or oil rubbed bronze faucets of rustic French country style bathrooms. Sunrise Specialty's Eiffel tub with the riveted steel skirt is well suited for traditional and rustic country bathrooms because its unique strap accented skirt can be left white or painted to match the bathroom’s décor.

Skirted Bathtub Choices for Modern Spa Bathrooms
One of the latest design trends is to bring the relaxing qualities of the luxury spa into the everyday bathroom. This minimalistic approach to design defines the modern bath as clean and uncluttered. Along with a nature-inspired palette of light colors; modern spa style bathroom design places a premium on open spaces between bathroom furniture and fixtures. Cheviot Products’ Iris double-ended skirted bathtub with chrome plumbing is a smart choice for modern style bathrooms. The Iris freestanding bathtub sits in a sleek metal skirt that is not only ideal for today’s spa-inspired bathrooms but also simple enough to adapt to future style trends yet to be defined.

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