Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sign of the Crab Adjustable Bridge Faucet: A Flexible Bridge Faucet That Adjusts To Your Sink

Sign of the Crab recently introduced new adjustable bridge faucets. Not only are these faucets handsome additions to the Sign of the Crab catalog of bathroom bridge faucets, they are tremendous problem solvers for old home enthusiasts restoring antique sinks.

Antique bathroom sinks often only have two faucet holes. Originally, separate hot and cold taps were used with these sinks. The sink bowl was filled simultaneously from both taps to obtain warm water. As we discussed a couple of years ago in the Shop 4 Classics Old House Blog post "Bridge Faucets: Bridging The Gap", bridge faucets became popular because they mix hot and cold water to deliver warm water from a single center spout yet they only require two faucet holes. The limitation with ordinary bridge faucets is that they have fixed centers. An ordinary bridge faucet is a great option if the faucet holes in your antique sink are 4", 8", or 12" as there are plenty of bridge faucets for those standard hole configurations. Unfortunately, that is not always the case with antique sinks. The spread between the faucet holes in antique bathroom sinks often do not match modern standards.

Sign of the Crab's new adjustable bridge faucet has a jointed bridge that allows it to adapt to unusual faucet hole spreads. The valves (i.e. faucet handles) swing forward as the spout swivels back. As the valves rotate forward, the spread between them is reduced. The smaller model adjusts from 6" centers down to 4" centers and anywhere in between. The larger model will adjust from an 8" spread down to a minimum 6" spread. The versatile adjustable bridge faucet can also be installed with the valves rotated behind the spout. This will extend the spout's reach over the sink bowl, however, it can make the handles more difficult to reach.

The jointed bridge of the adjustable bridge faucet confers instant Victorian era style. The flexibility of its variable centers allows the faucet to adjust to even the most unusual faucet hole configurations. The Sign of the Crab adjustable bridge faucet and other bridge faucets are available at Shop 4 Classics.

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