Friday, April 1, 2011

Antique Doorbells:Ringing in Your Home's Period Style with Vintage Doorbell Buttons

One of the many the great qualities of Kansas City is the diverse architecture of homes. The Strawberry Hill neighborhood features quaint Victorian homes and occasional larger Queen Ann style homes. The Mission Hills area includes an eclectic mix of various style homes including large Gothic & Greek Revivals, Italianate and Tudor mansions. The Brookside, Rockhill Gardens and Waldo neighborhoods are known for their Craftsman Bungalows and Tudor style cottages. The style of homes within these neighborhoods reflects the time period or periods in which its homes were built. Some historic neighborhoods represent almost exclusively one type of house, commonly Tudor cottages and Craftsman bungalows, which indicates that the neighborhood was begun and completed all within a given period. Others include a variety of styles indicating that the neighborhood took shape over a longer period of time or experienced later home construction resulting from subdividing land of existing properties.

Regardless of what your house looks like or where it’s located, getting to know the style of your home is a rewarding activity that can begin with a Google search or visit to your local public library. Print and online historic home style guides provide the architectural features associated with each style period. Style guides also typically place the period in its historical context and describe inspirations and influences that helped define the style. This new found knowledge of your home’s style will aid in making smart choices prior to starting any decorating or renovating project. For example, home hardware style popular during a period often exhibits similar design features of the identifying architecture features of homes of the period.

The doorbell is a good example of an often used and highly visible piece of hardware that can become an inexpensive way to demonstrate your understanding and appreciation of your home’s period style. Vintage inspired doorbells are available in a wide array of period styles. Consider doorbell buttons with Greek Key, Ribbon and Reed or Egg and Dart patterns for homes with Classical Revival themes. Victorian doorbell buttons are often richly embellished with Eastlake style or Victorian scroll designs. Rustic and handcrafted looking Craftsman doorbells and artistic Art Nouveau doorbells are smart choices for your Arts and Crafts bungalow.

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