Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nostalgic vs. Grandeur Door Hardware: Reproduction Door Hardware Options by Nostalgic Warehouse

For almost twenty years the Nostalgic Warehouse name has been synonymous with high quality antique reproduction door hardware. Their door hardware is known not only for having meticulously crafted authentic vintage looks but also for having smooth-operating and reliable internal mechanisms. Occasionally, however, there is confusion between Nostalgic Warehouse’s two lines of antique reproduction door hardware. Nostalgic Warehouse’s Nostalgic and Grandeur lines share most of the same authentic period designs and finish options so they look very similar. Thus, those new to Nostalgic Warehouse question what is the difference between the two. The major differences between Nostalgic and Grandeur interior and entry door hardware sets are how they are assembled and installed.

Nostalgic Warehouse's Nostalgic door hardware line is intended primarily for the old home restoration market and therefore is designed to accommodate original antique doors. Generally speaking, the installation of Nostalgic interior door hardware and Nostalgic entry door hardware sets is more complicated and time consuming than modern door hardware. Nostalgic door plate and rose sets require more assembly resulting in a more complicated installation process. For example, Nostalgic door knobs are affixed to a square spindle with set screws. Rather than pre-assembled as a complete unit, the Nostalgic knobs, spindle, and backplates must be assembled as a step in the installation process. Unlike most lines of modern door hardware, options with mortise locking mechanisms are offered in Nostalgic Warehouse’s Nostalgic line of door hardware.

Speed and ease of installation are highly desired for qualities for door hardware used in today’s new home construction market. Builders of custom and period-inspired homes were in need of high quality period reproduction door hardware similar to Nostalgic door hardware but much more simple to install. Nostalgic Warehouse responded to home builders’ requests with the introduction of their Grandeur door hardware line. The Grandeur line includes entry door hardware sets and interior door hardware sets with the same vintage look as their Nostalgic line but with less individual parts to be assembled during the installation process. Grandeur’s door knobs, unlike Nostalgic door knobs, are an integral pre-attached component of their back plates. Nostalgic Warehouse’s Grandeur door hardware is designed for modern configured doors and therefore is not offered with the mortise lock option.

Regardless of which line you choose, you can purchase with confidence as Nostalgic Warehouse stands by both its Nostalgic and Grandeur reproduction door hardware lines with lifetime mechanical and finish warranties.

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