Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coat Hooks Offer Old Fashion Organization

Spring is right around the corner. With the change in season comes spring cleaning and organizing. The limited closet space in most old homes can make organizing for spring particularly challenging. Clutter can't be as easily hidden behind closet doors in an old home. Coat hooks are a simple solution that can provide order even in plain view.

In their most basic form, coat hooks have a single prong. Double and multi-prong coat hooks can provide even greater storage for hanging jackets in layers. They can be used to hang bags, umbrellas or even provide you with a place to hang your hat on. In addition to their obvious place in mudrooms and coat rooms, coat hooks can be used in kitchens and bathrooms to hang incense sticks, towels, or other knick-knacks for decorating.

Beyond the number of prongs, style and finish are other important factors to consider before choosing coat hooks for your spring organizing effort. Shop 4 Classics offers coat hooks to fit homes from most any American architectural period.

Early American coat hooks were typically forged from iron by blacksmiths working with a hammer and anvil. Colonial period coat hooks are usually black with hammered textures. Shop 4 Classics offers iron coat hooks from Artesano Iron Works, Acorn Manufacturing, and John Wright Company.

Machine manufacturing during the Victorian period introduced coat hooks with more elaborate designs. Hand hammered iron coat hooks were replaced with fancy polished brass coat hooks. Solid brass Victorian coat hooks from Nostalgic Warehouse and IDH by St. Simons are available at Shop 4 Classics.

The Arts and Crafts movement called for a return to handcraftsmanship and simple designs. Cast bronze coat hooks in dark patinas were the hook du jour. Shop 4 Classics offers solid bronze coat hooks in a dark brown patina from Hamilton Sinkler.

Starting with the Art Deco period, modern coat hooks feature sophisticated designs and shiny finishes. Chrome and nickel in particular became associated with the Art Deco period and remain popular today. Brushed nickel and polished chrome coat hooks from Nostalgic Warehouse, IDH by St. Simons, and Hamilton Sinkler are available at Shop 4 Classics.

Shop 4 Classics' collection of coat hooks offer old fashion organization and new fangled function. These coat hooks beg your children to hang things on them so you won't have to!

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