Thursday, March 3, 2011

Clawfoot Tub Showers: Add A Shower To A Clawfoot Tub Faucet

It happened again this week. A customer wrote desperately seeking help with her teenage daughter. While most parents of teenage daughters are desperate for help of some sort, this particular customer was seeking help adding a shower to the clawfoot tub used by her teenage daughter. Adding a shower to a clawfoot tub does not always require replacing the faucet nor does it require an extensive remodel. If the faucet has a handheld shower, it likely can be adapted with a clawfoot tub shower riser. Clawfoot tub shower risers have exposed tubing so adding an overhead shower also does not require access behind a finished wall. Today, we will look at an economical solution for adding a shower to a Sign of the Crab clawfoot tub faucet.

The parts that you will need to complete a shower conversion for a Sign of the Crab clawfoot tub faucet include:
(1) Two-Piece Shower Riser
(2) Shower Curtain Ring
(3) Showerhead
(4) Riser Nut & Washer
(5) Handheld Shower Diverter Kit (optional)
(6) Riser Mounted Handheld Shower Bracket (optional)

After you've turned the water off to the faucet, the first step is to uninstall the handheld shower, the handshower hose, and the inlet handshower bracket from the faucet. The shower riser will install on the open diverter outlet vacated by the handshower bracket after it has been uninstalled.

The Sign of the Crab shower riser (item 1) can be installed with a riser nut and cone washer (item 4) but this will eliminate the handheld shower. To install the clawfoot tub shower with both an overhead shower while maintaining the convenience of a handshower, a handshower diverter kit (item 5) is required. The Sign of the Crab handshower diverter kit includes the riser nut and cone washer so these do not need to be purchased separately if the handshower diverter kit is purchased. The handshower diverter will install on the top of the faucet. The riser will connect to the top of the handshower diverter and the original handshower hose will attach to the side of the handheld shower diverter.

A handheld shower bracket will be required to store the handshower when it is not in use. The original inlet handshower bracket will no longer be useful once the riser is installed in its place. There are a number of handshower brackets available but the most popular handshower bracket for clawfoot tub showers is the riser mounted handshower bracket (item 6).

The shower riser will require support. Shower risers are normally supported by the shower curtain ring (item 2). The riser fits through a tee that is included with the Sign of the Crab clawfoot tub shower surrounds. There are also a number of brackets, ringlets, and clamps that can be used to provide support but this is beyond the scope of today's post. Visit Shop 4 Classics for help with other shower riser support options.

To complete installation of the clawfoot tub shower, choose a standard 1/2" IPS showerhead (item 3). The sprinkler can showerhead and sunflower showerhead are popular options for clawfoot tub showers.

Raising a teenage daughter is hard. Adding a shower to a clawfoot tub faucet doesn't need to be. With a few parts, a clawfoot tub faucet can be converted to full featured clawfoot tub shower enclosure in an afternoon. Visit Shop 4 Classics for these parts and many other fine products for clawfoot tubs and old homes.

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