Friday, March 11, 2011

Aluminum Grilles and Registers: Aluminum an Attractive Alternative to Brass, Bronze and Iron Vent Covers

Replacing builder’s grade vent covers is an easy way to add decorative accents to your home’s floors, walls and ceilings. Most consumers think of brass, bronze or cast iron when beginning their search for decorative heat registers and air return grilles. However, manufacturers are now also offering vent covers with cast aluminum grilles. Their aluminum heat registers and aluminum air return grilles are available in the same popular style, color and size options available in the other metals. Their aluminum grilles typically have a painted or powder coat finish that resembles the finish of their brass, bronze or cast iron grilles. Shop 4 Classics offers aluminum heat registers and grilles from Classic Grills and Reggio Register.

Aluminum Heat Registers and Air Return Grilles from Classic Grills
Classic Grills has made a name for itself by offering high quality bronze vent covers in a comparatively wide array of unique styles. Many of these styles are also available in aluminum as well. Classic Grills offers their Arts & Crafts, Victorian and Renaissance vent covers in aluminum and in most sizes as their bronze vent covers of the same pattern. Just like their bronze vent covers, Classic Grills’ aluminum heat registers have pre-attached louver assemblies and their aluminum air return grilles have pre-attached diffuser screens.

Aluminum Vent Cover Grilles from Reggio Register
Reggio Register offers its Square Grid grilles exclusively in aluminum and also offers its popular Victorian grille in aluminum in all but the larger sizes. Their Square Grid grilles are available in black and silver while the Victorian grilles are available in black, paintable gray and a faux brass finish called Sun gold. Further, Reggio’s versatile drop-in louver assemblies can be added to provide air control when these grilles are used to cover forced air vents.

Although still not as common a choice as other metals, aluminum vent covers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for today’s remodelers and home builders. The popularity of aluminum heats registers and return air grilles can be attributed to three advantages over vent covers with brass, bronze and cast iron grilles:

The most obvious advantage of vent covers with aluminum grilles is that they are much lighter than vent covers with cast brass, bronze and iron grilles. This makes aluminum grilles logical choices for wall and ceiling applications. However, vent covers with aluminum grilles are also suitable to be used as floor vent covers with a few exceptions. Aluminum is not offered in extra large sizes and therefore not an option for extra large air returns. Additionally, aluminum grilles are not recommended for floor vent covers that will potentially endure a lot of foot traffic as their painted surfaces can scratch.

Aluminum heat registers and grilles are also an excellent alternative to cast iron in areas where the vent cover will be exposed to moisture like bathrooms and exterior applications. Quality aluminum and cast iron grilles have durable powder coat finishes, however, aluminum will not rust if the powder coat finish becomes worn or damaged like cast iron might.

Cost is often a key concern of those shopping for decorative vent covers and price has attracted many to choose aluminum grilles. Aluminum heat registers and grilles are generally considerably more affordably priced compared to their cast brass, bronze and aluminum counterparts. Including aluminum grilles as a substitute for cast iron or bronze grilles will reduce the total cost of your project while maintaining the desired consistent look among your floor, walls and ceiling vent covers.

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