Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Revival Scroll Bronze and Copper House Numbers: Unique House Numbers with Real Curve Appeal

Just in time for spring, Shop 4 Classics is excited to introduce new Revival dark oil rubbed bronze, white bronze and copper house numbers from the Mission Metalworks Company. The dark oil rubbed house numbers have a dark brown patina with lighter undertones. The white bronze and copper house numbers have a tumbled natural finish with a nickel appearance for the white bronze and reddish-orange appearance for the copper numbers.

Unlike common house numbers, these unique house numbers have sculpted surfaces that complement their classic scroll font design. The patterns were created by hand and therefore exhibit a distinctively handcrafted, rather than machined, appearance. The numbers’ raised surfaces create added pop that begs visitors to take a closer, appreciative look.

Finally, Revival scroll house numbers are not only good for the Country’s economy but also good for its environment. The numbers are sand casted in a nearly 100 year old Kansas City foundry so they are made in the USA. They are also created using 95% recycled domestic metal alloys so they are a good for the environment Green product.

Cure your cabin fever by going outside and adding a set of these unique dark bronze, white bronze or copper house numbers to your home’s exterior!

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