Friday, February 25, 2011

Decorative Cast Brass, Bronze and Iron Toe Kick Registers and Grilles: Often Overlooked Opportunity to Accent Your Kitchen Cabinets

With kitchen cabinets and large appliances taking up much of a kitchen’s wall space, the toe kick area of cabinets has become a common location to place a vent. A special sized heat register or return vent cover grille is required to cover toe kick vents. The inside measurements of the heat register must accommodate the height and width of the heating duct. Additionally, the overall height of the vent cover’s grille must also fit within the typically three to four inch height of the toe kick. Beyond the grille’s inside and outside dimensions, toe kick grilles should also have screw holes so that they can be firmly mounted to the cabinet’s toe kick.

Often wood grilles and wood heat registers are used for vents located on the toe kick of kitchen cabinets. Wood grilles can be stained or painted to blend into the face of the toe kick. As an alternative to wood grilles, decorative metal grilles can be used to transform the vent into an accent. Cast iron, bronze and polished or plated brass toe kick vent covers are available in a variety of styles. To create a uniform look, it is a good idea to select toe kick registers and return grilles that are made of the same metal or have a similar finish as the cabinet hardware. For example, a nickel plated brass toe kick register should be used if the cabinets have polished nickel knobs and pulls.

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