Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cast Iron Floor Registers and Air Return Grilles: Decorative Vent Covers that Turn Blah to Beautiful

Once a highly decorative piece of home hardware, modern vent covers, unfortunately, now have similar aesthetics as the accompanying furnace or air conditioner. Today’s builder’s-grade vent covers are typically made of pressed steel, painted a muted shade of gray, and offer absolutely no decorative qualities. Upgrading all or select vent covers with decorative cast iron heat registers and air return grilles is a quick and easy way to add style to your home’s floors, walls and ceilings.

If you are considering black cast iron floor registers, we recommend Reggio Register’s Victorian or contemporary square grid style cast iron floor registers. Reggio Register’s offering of vent covers are known for their quality and wide range of available sizes. Although some of Reggio Register’s cast iron grilles are offered with attached louver assemblies, many of their grilles require separate louver assembly inserts in order to control air flow. We’ve found that their louver assembly inserts work very well for most applications.

Reggio Register offers matching wall and ceiling air return grille vent covers in both their Victorian and contemporary square grid styles. Wall and ceiling air return vent covers have screw holes to secure the grille in place. Reggio Register also offers their wall and ceiling air return vent covers in lighter weight aluminum. An added attractive feature of Reggio Registers aluminum grilles is that they are available in gray which can be painted by the home owner to match the color of their walls and ceilings.

Currently, Shop 4 Classics is offering 5% and 10% discounts on qualifying vent cover orders.

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