Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brushed, Matte and Satin Nickel Bathroom Faucets: What is the Difference?

Occasionally we get questions about the differences between brushed nickel, satin nickel and matte nickel finishes. The short answer to this question is that there really is no significant difference in the finish. All three names describe brushed nickel finish. This finish is created by brushing polished nickel to arrive at a frosted, far less lustrous finish. This type of finish is generally referred to as satin or matte finish. Thus, all three names are appropriate in describing this unique finish.

So, why does Shop 4 Classics use all three names on its website? The answer is that Shop 4 Classics currently offers five brands of bathroom faucets and the name used to describe this finish varies depending on the brand of faucet. Strom Plumbing describes its brushed nickel clawfoot tub and bathroom faucets as having a matte nickel finish. Belle Foret brushed nickel bathroom faucets and Elizabethan Classics brushed nickel clawfoot tub faucets are described as having a satin nickel finish. Brushed nickel bathroom and clawfoot tub faucets from Sunrise Specialty and Cheviot Products are described as simply having a brushed nickel finish. All that said, each brand's version of brushed nickel can vary slightly and so we recommend purchasing all brushed nickel products from the same brand if you would like an exact match on their finish.

Regardless of what it is called, brushed nickel finish is a low maintenance finish compared to polished nickel, chrome and brass. The brushed finish hides scratches, fingerprints, and water spots far better than the more lustrous finishes. However, the cleaning and care of brushed nickel faucets is similar to that of brass, chrome or polished nickel faucets. Abrasive and harsh chemicals should be avoided in favor of cleaning with simply water and mild dish soap. Similarly, a soft cloth should be used instead of coarse scratch-pad sponges like Brillo pads or steel wool.

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