Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quality Counts When Buying Fireplace Screens and Fireplace Tool Sets

Winter weather has blown into Kansas City sending temperatures into the teens. I still enjoy at least the first couple of months of cold weather and the occasional snowfall that it brings. I look forward to starting a fire in our fireplace as it brings back vivid winter memories from my childhood. Our fireplace was always lit to warm the house when family came to visit. While the parents played cards, the kids played in the fireplace’s warm glow. However, not all of my memories were so positive. I remember getting in trouble numerous times for fiddling with the fire and playing with the fireplace tool set. I also remember the occasional scare I got when an ember popped out of the fireplace towards me. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that a forged iron fireplace tool set and heavy duty forged iron fireplace screen were among my first purchases upon moving into my new home.

Fireplace tool sets are a necessity if you intend to burn natural wood in your fireplace. The standard fireplace tool set includes tools used to maintain the fire as well as tools used to clean-up the fireplace after the fire goes out. Fire place tongs are used to add and reposition logs in the fire. Similarly fireplace pokers are used to reposition logs and stir the fire to keep it burning. It is well worth the added cost to purchase heavy duty iron tongs and pokers that are sufficiently long enough to adjust the fire without getting too close to its heat. Fireplace tool sets typically include a fireplace brush and shovel used to remove the ashes once the fire goes out and its embers cool.

The primary purpose of fireplace screens is to prevent embers and burning logs from exiting the fireplace. As with fireplace tools, purchasing a quality fireplace screen is always money well spent. Fireplace screens should have a metal, or fire resistant, mesh supported by a heavy and very sturdy frame. The mesh is designed to prevent small embers from popping out of the fireplace and onto the floor. The fireplace screen’s metal frame should be heavy and sturdy enough to stop burning logs that may roll from the fireplace.

Shop 4 Classics selection of heavy duty fireplace tools and screens are created by skilled blacksmiths from hand forged wrought iron. Our forged iron fireplace accessories feature ornate designs that ensure that they remain an attractive hearth accent even when the fireplace is not in use.

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